The person eats ?

The person eats ?

We know about their eating habits.But did you know that they love other people?For example, residents of the Far North or Central Asia?Please find their gastronomic habits.


The man eats the northern latitudes - a representative of the Nenets, Yamal, Nganasan?In the harsh conditions of the North requires more energy, which in many ways provides a nutritious meal.The basis of the diet are foods northerners reindeer herding, hunting, fishing.Food may seem specific to us.For example, residents of the North venison eaten raw, including blood.It is believed that fresh blood is very useful - it is added to milk in equal proportions.Meat is eaten raw in different ways.Thus, when only butchered deer meat, blood use immediately - still warm.Another option - fresh frozen steak.It's venison, in split into thin pieces and sprinkled with salt and herbs.Eat Arctic residents and raw meat, dried in the cold.

fish is not accepted to cook or fry, it is usually consumed raw, frozen, dried or dried form.Also

it made pickle in barrels and the resulting gelatinous mass of wet bread or add it to the main dishes as a condiment.

Small peoples, such as the Chukchi or Indians, happy to eat kanygu - half-digested contents of the stomach of the deer with the addition of berries.This unsightly us "cereal" helps to digest meat, also with vitamins.

From northern berries consumed mostly cranberries, lingonberries, cloudberries.

Central Asia

Kazakhs, Mongols, Uzbeks, as well as northerners prefer meat.This is a basic element of their daily diet.But use it in some form.Thus, the Kazakh national dish - beshbarmak, boiled meat and noodles.Basically it is made from horse meat.National kuyrdak dish made from pieces of kidney, liver, lung, fried with onions.Kazakhs eat meat broth (sorpa), noodles (kespe), rice with lots of meat, roast lamb, dairy products.

Mongolian cuisine includes a large number of eating beef, lamb, goat, sometimes present on the dining table or horsemeat game.Also consume milk - domestic animals, rarely camel.His wandering or acidify.Because milk cooked milk brew, arch and tea.The latter consists of boiled water, milk, tea leaves of green tea, a little salt, flour, lard.

The Uzbek cuisine has its own peculiarities.Pilaf locals are very fond of.For it is generally used lamb, sometimes veal or horse meat.Meat takes a lot.Uzbek cuisine for joint cooking rice and meat.Flavored with spices food in copious amounts here are not accepted, but the greens and some herbs are used extensively.It cumin, caraway, fennel, sesame, basil, and others.Include in the diet, and dairy products.The soups are using cereals - mung bean, rice, corn.Puff cakes, pastry, obi-non - on the water, are a feature of the local cuisine.

gastronomic preferences inhabitants of other countries - Japan, America and others - presented in our article How to eat people.