Useful than ginger ?

Useful than ginger ?

Ginger - a perennial herb, is widely used in cooking and folk medicine.Many add it to the food in the search for more delicious than the useful bright ginger has a spicy flavor and recognizable.However, the beneficial properties of ginger in the roof.

What is useful ginger

  • Ginger is an antioxidant - it improves the condition of the skin and slows the aging process, to enhance this feature, you can add it to other antioxidants, such as green or white tea and add honey to taste.
  • ginger also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system.It is useful to have ginger for colds (or drink infusions and teas with ginger) as it warms, and has expectorant action, what helps with coughs, bronchitis and sore throat.
  • Ginger positive effect on digestive system - it increases appetite and improves the secretion of gastric juice.It is useful to have a few slices of ginger (pickled, candied or raw), before eating, then even a very hearty meal well and is easy to digest without c
    ausing you discomfort.Think about this during the holidays and before the big feast.
  • Also, what ginger is useful - it is not only hypoallergenic, but also helps with allergies, skin diseases and asthma.
  • When motion sickness or seasickness can drink ginger tea or mineral water with crushed ginger, it will help relieve nausea and protects against dehydration.
  • can use ginger for toothache - chewed piece and attach it to the aching tooth, he will fight bacteria and reduce pain.

What is useful ginger men

It can handle fairly common male problems - high cholesterol, reducing its levels in the blood.Also, ginger can help if it is used as a warming compress of sports injuries - bruises and sprains.Ginger is a combination with the juice of aloe vera can be taken for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

What is useful ginger for women

It helps to cope with the pain and cramps during PMS and menstruation.During pregnancy, ginger tea or water with ginger will help to cope with nausea during toxicosis, and because it is natural and hypoallergenic, you can not worry about whether it will harm the baby, but it is important to observe moderation and do not abuse them.Also, women may like one more property - ginger increases metabolism.This is what is useful ginger root for weight loss.First it accelerates metabolism and energy from the food consumed in the work of the body, rather than stored as fat.Second, it warms up, thereby increasing the perspiration and the body of excess fluid is derived.You can combine ginger with other drugs for weight loss (not medicines or drugs, but only popular vegetable), such as herbal teas, fruit and vegetable salads.

How useful pickled ginger

We often see it as a seasoning for sushi and other Japanese dishes, much like its taste and pleasant color of the coral, but even pickled ginger preserves many useful properties.The Japanese themselves know exactly what is useful pickled ginger, and used it after a meal to cleanse the mouth, it works due to several properties: Ginger has an antibacterial effect and increases the secretion of saliva, also leaves lasting fresh scent.Thus, pickled ginger can be a good substitute for chewing gum.

have ginger has many beneficial properties, it is a tasty and healthy at the same time but if you do not need their beneficial properties, you can simply add it to tea or mulled wine to keep warm on a chilly evening, and pickled ginger can easily become a table ornament.