What where to eat ?

What where to eat ?

In each country, their ethnic, cultural and, of course, the culinary tradition.Features cooking is largely dependent on the climate, historical and religious conditions of the people.Cooks create recipes that are popular to this day.

question that where to eat, often of interest to many people.So what is eaten in different countries of our vast planet?Let's look at an example, several countries.


Chinese famous duck Peking.Also, there is prepared pancakes with meat, and meat for this for a long time soaked in all kinds of spicy sauces.Roasted dish on a fairly high heat, add pepper and ginger.

China eat pork.Its cut and slices and dices and strips, deep fried over high heat.Exotic dish add soy sauce - from very sharp to sweet.

At home Mao Zedong you try the sweet potato fried or spicy chicken with boiled rice.However, in Chinese restaurants should be very careful to choose the food - there is a risk to try unusual for the European stomach dog meat, a cobra or a cat.

These are the feature

s of the kitchen in this wonderful country!And that somewhere else to eat?


Mistress Jewish homeland is very creative and hardworking.Girls are not too lazy to pull out all the bones of the pike, stuff with it and treat such a dish of her fiance.

most popular dish of the country - Hummus - mashed peas frayed.

As for meat dishes, then there are a variety of taboo.You can eat meals from ruminant cloven-hoofed animals, the camel good, but the pork is gone.You will never see Jerusalem or Bethlehem resident, chewing meat hare and rabbit, but a dish of duck meat or chicken is quite possible to see in every home.

Another "impossible" As for the one-time consumption of dairy products and meat: there is no meat salads or borscht with sour cream.


Homeland yogis and "Kama Sutra" affects the abundance of spices.In Indian folklore is even a special goddess who is responsible for the seasonings to dishes.The kitchen of this country is a philosophical system - then calculate the proportion of the number of consumers, their age, time of year and even the phases of the moon.

Cow is sacred in India because it infuses the soul of God, so that Hindus do not eat beef.But the jelly lamb is quite acceptable for Indian cuisine.In addition, the inhabitants of the northern provinces will treat you, Rogan Josh (lamb with curried) or Biryani (chicken stewed in orange sauce).If you suddenly find yourself in Goa, the taste of rice with pork, seasoned with saffron and turmeric.

Ever since ancient times in high esteem among residents of the valley of the Indus and the Ganges pilaf of lamb, almond bread and yogurt dahi.Historically, the meat in the hot climate of the country for a long time not stored, but vegetables and fruit was enough.So was born a vegetarian, which is famous for today's India.


you love cheese, ale, fresh bread and, of course, meat.It has long been the birthplace of the Loch Ness Monster was famous for flocks of sheep, which brought not only hair, but also actively used as food.Steaks of lamb or beef should be baked with aromatic herbs, roasted or boiled thoroughly so that the meat melted in your mouth.

Scots love fish - it is smoked, salted, fried, marinated and dried.In honor residents of this country porridge from barley, which is considered good for health.

But to generously butter flavored porridge you definitely served haggis - a Scottish dish of sheep's offal.It is prepared from sheep's rumen, which are the lungs, liver and heart, generously seasoned with pepper and basil.Wash down the national dish of Scottish cuisine recommend strong malt whiskey.


Kitchen smallest continent shocking and amazing.For local residents it is accustomed to kangaroo stew with roasted onions, turtle soup, crocodile fillets on skewers or shin emu.In honor any meat.

Australia is famous for more fish cuisine, seafood, and their level of preparation depends on the region.Sydney preparing oysters in Coffin Bay - scallops.

Traditional lamb and mutton well deep fried.The same is done with the beef, which is in the food consumed more often.Meat dishes exotic inhabitants of the continent is eaten with cheese or "yeast extract", spread on bread.This mixture is a yeast, connected with salty celery and onions.

always interested to know that where they eat.How many dishes, so many culinary traditions.Some dishes are shocking, while others are so tasty that melt in your mouth, and some long-familiar and unfamiliar.Anyway, one can find in the food traditions of something close or new.