What are preparing a wake in Russia ?

What are preparing a wake in Russia ?

After the funeral, as a rule, invited all those present to remember the deceased.So prepare to wake and what actually needed to mention?Firstly, on the memorial table should melt kutia, pancakes with honey and jelly.During the funeral, and the mention of even unbelieving relatives trying to adequately carry out the deceased, following the rules and regulations of the Christian faith.And if gets a mention in the days of fasting or fasting days, which is a Wednesday and Friday, the food cooked lean.It is clear that not all those who came to the funeral and subsequent wake will take this fact, but we are not talking about the pleasure of the audience.In an extreme case, on fast days and during Lent memorial pancakes should be cooked on water without milk and eggs.Note that the women who had come to pray for the deceased, fasting, and in any case they have to cook separately.Now we learn how to cook kutyu to the wake.This would require rice and raisins.Traditionally kuti need to use millet, but now for

some reason, prepare rice.It is boiled, to get crumbly and not overcooked, raisins soaked.After swelling of raisins and complete cooling of rice all connected.Kutyu no salt and no added sugar in it!

menu for lean table

Now actually the menu and to start consider the case of lean table.Of course potatoes, crumpled in this case is not the right solution.It is better to boil peeled potatoes whole, sprinkle with herbs and pour the sunflower oil.Pickles will increase the number of dishes on the table, of course, if the yard is not a hot summer.If you can fry the fillets of any fish or make fish cakes, to cut herring.It will be good salad with beans, can be filled with peppers, mushrooms instead of meat using.Also mushrooms can replace herring salad "Herring under a fur coat" file without eggs and vegetable mayonnaise.Most ordinary salad: vegetable (tomato, cucumber) salad with cabbage or sauerkraut.Meatless pancakes with mushrooms, mushroom burgers with potatoes, vegetable patties and all without eggs.In the hot summer can be cooked okroshka with vegetables and herbs.

menu for meat table

that it is ready to wake for a richer meat dishes on the table?You can cook anything, most importantly, without refinement, all in a simple, hearty, affordable and familiar.Cutlets, fried chicken, fried and salted fish, sausage sliced, sliced ​​smoked chicken breasts and other smoked meat.Also simple vegetable salads, or simply sliced ​​vegetables.Stuffed peppers, chops liver, pancakes with meat or liver.If the weather is cool, you can prepare jelly.

In some families decided the first thing after kuti pancakes and serve the soup, soup or chicken noodle, but it is at your discretion.