What can you make a delicious fast?

What can you make a delicious fast?

Previously, family life was much simpler: a man to obtain food, and her woman cook and do household chores.Today, most of the ladies prefer to work on an equal basis with men, so cooking time is becoming less and less, but this concern is it on their shoulders.That is why every day in front of them there is a question that you can cook delicious fast.

Food hastily

The first thing many people think the hostess - a remarkable semi-finished products.They can be bought at quite an attractive price, and the cook will have no difficulty.However, only about forgotten women, the fact that these products are extremely harmful.With long-term use in food semi-finished products, the result could negatively affect the health of your stomach.And all because of those semi-finished products that we buy, not enough quality, and those who quality, are far from cheap.

You can also cook for dinner celebrated sandwiches, which are known to everyone.But for the stomach so food is much more harmful than the same semi

-finished products.Of course, sometimes not at all recommended snack sandwich, you can, but do it every day.

alternative to sandwiches can be designated ordinary homemade pizza.The hardest thing in its manufacture - it is kneading dough.Today, however, in all supermarkets, you can find ready-made pizza bases.They just need to ensure that as much time as the hostess spent on personal matters and not for cooking.We can only take a blank, brush her sauce, spread the filling and bake.As a filling you can use anything you want.Limit you could just fantasy.Now you just need to bake in the oven and all.Pizza is ready.

Full meal

However, if you so react to food preparation, it is unlikely your family will appreciate it.That is why, let's think about how you can prepare a delicious meal quickly.Of course, the first thing that comes to mind - it's meat.You're thinking that it will require a long cooking time, but this is the most common misconception.In reality, the meat can be prepared, and for fifteen minutes.You only need to know some cooking secrets.

The first thing to remember - this is what the cut meat is prepared in several times faster than normal.Thus, if you want to significantly reduce the cooking time, cut the meat into small pieces.Also, reduce the cooking time and the content of meat for a few minutes in the marinade.The meat can add mayonnaise and spices.To the food is not burnt, you must fill in a pan of hot boiled water.

second, that can be useful hostess - a marinade.If you do not want to cut a piece of meat into pieces, you can pre-soak it in the marinade for several hours.Then you can just put in the marinade in the oven and bake foods.Now, the meat is cooked more rapidly, and it will not be bland in taste.

However, one is not enough meat to cook really tasty food.Now you might think that you can cook very delicious as a side dish to meat.As a side dish, it is ideal for potatoes or porridge.Potatoes cooked quickly and at the same time, it is very nutritious and satisfying.And when it comes to pasta, their cooking time depends on the cultivar, from which they are made.For example, noodles you cook faster than spaghetti.Also during cooking it is desirable to cover the pan lid to cooking is not delayed for long.

also to ensure that your food was not only delicious, but also nutritious, it is desirable to make vegetable salad.It contributes not only to the preservation of a stable weight, but also improve digestion.