What can you make a delicious ?

What can you make a delicious ?

morning begins with a good breakfast.Treat your home with light and delicious meals at the beginning of the day, you can list them for a long time, tell you about some of them.Not all the appetite after a good sleep, so the food should be light and nourishing.These products include cottage cheese.You can file a fresh cheese with condensed milk, and it is possible to diversify the table unusual curd products.Cooking from fresh and sour cheese, see the article "What to cook from cottage cheese?"


For breakfast will be very useful homemade yogurt.It is made from milk.You can buy yogurt or cook without it.Yogurt shop is poor, so please be fresh homemade milk and proceed according to this article: "What to cook from milk?".Do not forget about the tea.This casual and seemingly ordinary drink you need to cook to a tea party was even nicer.The Japanese tea ceremony is a special process that extends over a long time pleasantly.How to brew tea, see here: "How to make tea?".


What can you make a delicious breakfast for the second?Usually lunch is served some cookies, muffins or baked apples.This meal is not very high-calorie, but should ease the waiting dinner.From drinking well suited milkshakes.They can be prepared by using a blender or mixer.For the basis of a whole fresh milk.Add to taste fruits, sugar, honey and other products.Read more about cocktails available here: "How to prepare a milkshake?".


Let's talk about what can be cooked a delicious dinner.Of course, the central dish is hot soup.Without it, the meal will be "dry" and such snacks are harmful to the digestive system.Soup or borscht, Salsola or soup, homemade chicken noodle soup or warm cream - you decide.See some soup recipes in the "Soups".

first meal should not be too bold, heavy.It must remain the desire for a second meal.On the second, you can make something of meat.For a side dish of rice or buckwheat suitable meat goulash.No garnish julienne can eat meat in the pot.More information about meat products, see the section "Meat".

Do not forget the side dish.If the meat dish was a success, it will be garnish a nice addition.From simple - boiled rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, boiled buckwheat.You can cook Italian rice with vegetables or mashed potatoes with herbs.

Whip up

dine If, ​​as expected, does not work, then consider that you can cook delicious fast.It is a variety of hot sandwiches, baked chicken in the arm, scrambled eggs with bacon and vegetables, meat porridge.But healthier is to eat soup, always eat a hot, to at least once a day was on the menu the first dish as possible.

Dinner Dinner is served a dish that can be used for the second in the afternoon.This light meat dishes, side dishes.Good for dinner suitable vegetable dishes.Very tasty vegetable stew for the evening meal, a detailed recipe, see the article: "How to cook vegetable stew?".From the evening drinking prepare cocoa or coffee with milk.It is tasty and healthy.Successful you culinary experiments.