What is useful to have ?

What is useful to have ?

As you know, not every food is good for our body.We need to eat properly and usefully.However, not everyone knows that there are useful.In this regard, we consider the most useful products for humans.

Vitamins primarily

Vitamins are one of the most important nutrients for human beings.They affect the growth, development, hormones and many other aspects.Therefore, for children and for adults it is essential to use vitamins every day.Of course, they can be purchased in a drugstore, but tasty and healthy will, if you buy fruits and vegetables that are so rich in vitamins of different groups.These fruits and berries include:

  • Oranges (A, B1, B2, PP)
  • Peaches (A, B2, C, PP)
  • Melons (the B9, B1, B2, PP, A, C)
  • Malina (A, B, C)
  • Grapes (A, B, C)
  • Apples (A, B, C, Fe)

tO useful for the organism vegetables are tomatoes, carrots, radishes, onions.

also very useful herbs, such as parsley, broccoli, fennel, and others.Vitamins that are contained in the herbs to be important for the teeth and gums.

meat Benefits

Despite the fact that many consider the meat not such a useful product, its usefulness is undeniable.This meat contains essential amino groups, which are necessary to the body.It is important to remember that all the amino acids our body can not synthesize and therefore we must consume them with food.

most useful meat is beef and mutton.The most harmful - pork.Therefore it is better to reduce its consumption of food.It is also important to note that the meat should not overcook to so many favorite cake.After all, in fact it is a useless and sometimes harmful fried butter and burnt meat fibers.

If you love to cook beef, again, make sure that that the percentage of pork in it was minimal.Also, do not eat beef fat in food.


important place in the diet should occupy and fish.It contains not only the desired phosphorus, but also a lot of trace elements, the content of which in the body is very small, but extremely important.Notable seafood include scallops, shrimp, sockeye, chum salmon and other fish species.It is worth noting that the fish is also very rich in protein.

Nuts and dried fruits

Dates and rose hips contain a variety of vitamins.Nuts are also useful for brain health, they also have a positive effect on the liver and heart.It is important to bear in mind that we are not talking about salty nuts.

Kashi cereal and

Do not pay attention to the advertised cereal.Content of nutrients is often overdone.It is much better to eat cereal, muesli.They contain useful cereals and vitamins.Also, do not forget about the cereals, especially buckwheat.It contains not only a lot of carbohydrates, and fiber.Very useful porridge, millet porridge, porridge of beans.

Finally I would like to say about the usefulness of chicken and quail eggs.It is in the yolk contains lecithin body needs.From it by more than 50 percent is our liver.

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