What good cook ?

What good cook ?

Experts are unanimous that the menu correctly matched is able to provide the amount of vitamins that a person needs, besides proper diet will not allow you to dial extra kilos, for which so worry girls and women, exhausting themselves diets.All that is needed - it is useful to choose a balanced diet and not to force the body to starve.


known that the breakfast - this is the most important meal for the day.But often it happens that in the morning just does not want to eat.Experts recommend that in this case a glass of water - so you "activate" all metabolic processes.It is desirable to have breakfast in the first half hour after waking up.By the way, all the calories that you have used for breakfast, do not turn into fat - they are spent without reserve, because the body needs energy.

What is useful to cook for breakfast, you ask?Here are a few options that will provide the body with energy for longer than the rest of the food:

  • oatmeal - thanks to it you will not soon feel hungry.He
    rcules is rich in proteins, vitamins and trace elements, so do not give up on oatmeal in the morning.No less useful buckwheat, semolina and rice, and millet - choose what your taste;
  • fruit salad or a banana, an apple or a fig;
  • bread from wheat flour, you can cook and toast;
  • eggs for breakfast are also welcome.


in a proportion for lunch you should consume about 40% of all food.Be sure to include in your diet the soup, which you love.Soups are not high-calorie foods, but at the same time improve digestion, so do not give up on them.

On the second perfect piece of meat, fish or poultry.Garnish may be present if you wish.If you load up quickly, just eat a salad or some vegetables.

Well and complete meal should hot tea, cold drinks are not recommended, as it may slow down the digestion.

Dessert is not so necessary, because, as a rule, it consists of simple carbohydrates that are quickly digested, so the extra calories provided.


Regarding supper views from many of the costs.It is important to observe the following conditions: dine, not later than two hours before bedtime, and choose light food, such as vegetables and dairy dishes, fit and white meat.

By following these simple rules, you will get all the necessary elements and will not experience hunger.

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