How to run on the walls ?

How to run on the walls ?

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How to run on the walls?

In our perfect world, even people who have learned to run on the walls.not now be surprised if you see the guys just fly on the wall, making a few steps.It is not magic and not fiction, this is parkour.As strange sounds the issue of how to run on the walls, but it is quite relevant.To master this art can not everyone who wants to, but try everything.


First you need to spend for a few weeks of training to strengthen the muscles.Without that physical training is unlikely to get something.The fact is that for a run along the wall you need to have strong leg muscles.Also it is necessary to prepare for the fact that not everything will turn out right.We'll have plenty of time to fall before your body will begin to understand what it is - to run on the walls.Before you learn how to run on the wall, you need to choose the right shoes.The sole should be smooth, without spines, holes and bumps, but slip.

first «race»

In order to pass at least one step on the wall, is well worth a run.If the master ran along the wall perfectly, even taking acceleration is not necessary.But for beginners it is needed.

necessary to send all the power to her feet.At that moment, the code you run up close to the wall, you should try to direct efforts to jump over a wall.That is the approach of the wall is necessary to try to jump up at the same time putting on a wall surface of the foot.First you need to stretch one leg slightly bent at the knee of her.Then try to do the second step.These steps should not try to make up, as it were diagonally.That is slightly to the left or right.Running up to the ceiling will not work.In this case, you do not take steps, and jump.Even if you get the first time to do everything as we would like, do not worry.The people involved in parkour, more than 5 to 6 steps fails.


If you want to learn how to jump over the walls, should also pick up shoes, prepare at least a few weeks of morning exercises workout.The fact is that after a couple of steps on the wall you need to learn to put your foot flat.This will give confidence to the steps.You also need to do and jumps.Required to prepare, try to make one jump and then, when he will turn out perfectly, try to do more.The main thing - comfortable shoes.Also, do not forget to direct effect not only on the legs, but also on the body, strive to jump up.