How to hit the ball ?

How to hit the ball ?

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How to hit the ball?

All novice players, concerned about how to hit the ball?The ball - a harmony of power with precision.Circle all the enemies of the game, it would be desirable that the ball flew into the right direction and not the opposite.Therefore, it is necessary to understand more on this important issue.

How to hit the ball?

Strike the ground

you need poise and balance.Consider not only the position of the feet, stabbed, and support.Ensure that where there is a pivot foot in relation to the ball, and you can control the height, as the impact and pass.

to strike hard with low flight path, put on a line with a ball his pivot foot.High flight trajectory happens after you put a foot on the ball.

Do not forget the upper body: lean forward to bounce across the bottom and back - for top-flight.Want to know how hard to hit the ball?The maximum impact force is obtained when the pre-touch, foot-kicking leg is in line with the ball, or over it.Striking, do

not relax, and continue to be directed to the target.You can also just landed after hitting beating on foot.

Strike rally

To properly hit the ball, which flies in the air, we must be able to balance and adjust the time for the ball.Find the correct distance from the ball when it is already quite close or too far away, better give up the strike in the summer.Be reasonable, we all know that this is a blow at random.

How to learn to hit the ball?

Learn how to hit the ball better, practicing the technique a shot on goal.Goalkeeper returns the ball to you.When the opportunity is not a workout, hit the wall.Start with the attacks on the stationary ball.Learn to beat the rally, asking a friend to hang your ball.Or do throws it in the air, beating at the time of the fall.The main thing - is to practice and supervision of experienced players.If desired, any search engine will show you how to hit the ball, the video provided by the search engine, is also worth a look.

Shot Methods ball

  • Paz.To hit the inside of the foot, you need to put the supporting leg on the line with the ball about ten centimeters from him.Beating leg bent at the knee and hits the center of the ball.Ankle perpendicular to the supporting leg, the ball flies straight, and you move to the goal.
  • Strike rise.The support leg is in line with the ball.Now, with a single movement, you make a swing, recording back leg, which is applied to blow.Moment extension legs and move it to be very fast.To do this well fix the ankle while straining it.Tap on the equator of the ball, if you want a low flight and make sure that the shoulders are over the ball.Head towards the goal.
  • Blow the inside of the torsion.If you do not know how to beat the curve ball, just place the supporting leg near the ball.Fingers should look a little bit away from the goal.Follow the swing leg, touching the outer side of the bottom of the ball with your thumb.This will give the ball torsion.Striking, do not need to be sent to the target.If you want to beat the curve ball right foot, then place the supporting leg to the left of the ball.Beat with stroke should be directed to the right side of the ball, and then follow it.
  • kick toe.Putting the supporting leg from the back side of the ball, make a quick swing and hit the toe on the bottom, at the same time connecting the thigh.The ball will fly at a high trajectory, while rotating in the opposite direction.
  • Hitting the flying ball.Remember just about the rise of the impact and use the same rules.Try to calculate precisely the time swing and touches the ball flies through the air.Many power need not be applied here all depends not on it.Catch the right moment and hit, adjust to the ball.

Now you know about the principles of the game of football, but because in the world there are other types of ball games.

General rules of the game of volleyball

  1. Accepts attack the player, whose right hand is closest to the ball.
  2. receiving must shout: "I am!" To anyone he did not stop and move the ball to the end.
  3. binder must give the ball a second, but if he does not accept it.
  4. There is one trick: when you want to put the block in the run-up is necessary to trace the attacker look so easy to figure out where he's going to hit.
  5. When you double and triple block, block are attached, which are on the edges, by standing in the middle.

How to bat in baseball

main players in baseball - batter and pitcher.Task pitcher to pitch in the side of the house so that the ball flew over the house with the height from the knees to the chest of the one who beats.With bits, the batter must hit the balls, falling only in the strike zone.If he made a move the bat, and she crossed the home zone, he must repel balls, even those that were out of range.The pitcher has to serve so that the striker is unable to estimate the trajectory of flight and fight off.

How to hold a tennis racket?

Grip - a method of holding rackets.

  • vertical grip ( "pen grip").Put your index finger and thumb as if you hold the pen.On the back of the racket, place the remaining fingers.Brush will be mobile for the complex and twisted innings.
  • horizontal grip.Do you want to perform a strong attack and defense strikes?Slide your index or thumb to the edge of the racket, you now know how to learn to hit the ball hard.

Blow stick Golf

From the first time in golf no one scored in the hole.Do not despair if you do not go out, hit the ball only club head when it is stationary.And remember, you can not push the ball or moving his stick.