How to find your business?

How to find your business?

Who among us did not face dissatisfaction from the fact that we are engaged in the work of the hated and unloved business?But really happy only those who fulfill your potential and demand for life.Truly lucky ones who have a favorite thing and the meaning of their lives in it.According to statistics, demand for self-actualization and only 10% of the total population.And these 10% are satisfied is not "really".And just because they have a choice - they compare, and understand that it is a business or work better than the previous.Let's discuss.

Enrolled in the College or not?

How to find your business?Studies at the Institute and obtained a diploma of education is not a reason to stop there.Unfortunately, many of us do not learn the profession to those to whom we would like.Why is this happening?

Response options vary:

  • parents made.
  • applicants themselves did not understand what they truly want.
  • Occupation, which was chosen students or parents are more poorly paid.Parents or students themselv
    es are able to pay it for her.
  • Institute next to the residence.No need to drive anywhere.
  • Convenient roditeley- child in their mind.
  • Parents believe that the specialty of the prestigious.
  • For this specialty learn more girls / boys, so relevant for the choice of the wife / husband.

After graduation, we could hardly go to the hateful work, tormented from day to day and are not satisfied with their lives because they do not know how to find a deal to their liking.Those who understand that not mastered the specialty, get a second degree, and learn again - already in the specialty that suits them internally.

How to find a favorite thing?

  1. pass the test of professional orientation - and for him to understand what type of You are a technician, the humanities, the analyst, and so on.After that choose to work with this orientation and retrained for another profession.
  2. Determine your type of temperament and understand that if you holerik- you will not work a job or business that requires slow or prolonged sitting in one place.You need a change of activity and action.If you flegmatik- then you will not work a job where you need to make decisions quickly and be included in the workflow.If you are sanguine, you will also need activity.Melancholy can also spend hours watching and hard work.He does not need to switch.
  3. sit down and listen to yourself.What would you like to do?What do you have more heart on?What do you most want from life?Read, write articles, conduct statistical accounting, negotiation and so on.Try, try, try!
  4. If you think that life is over and you a lot of years and life is (and is not important age-at any age it seems that for many years), do you think that it is not necessary to learn a profession which had long dreamed of, but was notor the means or the time, or simply afraid to try, then you are in a limited stereotype of that study it later, you are already making it the nickname, the pension is on the nose and so on.It is necessary to try or start to learn a profession!

now become clearer to the reader how to find his life's work?The main principle, which should be guided - it is not to be afraid of!Go ahead for life!Copy the behavior of successful people is only the beginning, and then stick to their line.Read books on how to find your business.How could other people achieve success?What characterizes them?See programs about successful people.After all, success comes exactly to those people who are engaged in favorite business.And this is the main bonus for life!Because the pyramid of needs Maslow (American psychologist) the topmost rung of the pyramid is self-actualization, and for spiritual people who want to get an education is the most expensive and prestigious occupation.