How to strengthen the muscles ?

How to strengthen the muscles ?

You can ask anyone who is engaged in fitness or bodybuilding gym, which is a group of muscles trained most and the answer is the same - it's hands, press or chest.And usually begins each workout is a workout of this group of muscles attached to it more effort.These are part of the body just enough to lend themselves to training and growth of muscle relief, so it becomes a cause for pride.But any professional will tell you that starting a workout is better, on the contrary, with the weakest and most underdeveloped muscle groups.Ways of how to strengthen the muscles that are difficult to load, set.The main thing - to do exercises that develop these areas in parallel without impacting developed muscle groups.

Tips for training

muscles start to remember that there is a principle of priority in training:

  • It means to train the weak parts of the body at the beginning of each training session, when the energy performance and energy even at a sufficient level.
  • worth treating for one workout 2 or 3 gr
    oups of muscles, providing the greatest intensity in the first approach and then reducing it.It is enough intensity while strengthening underlying muscle.
  • In order to determine priorities, it is necessary to identify the weakest areas.For example, it may be continually missed training leg muscles, because it is quite laborious exercise.
  • Either you prevented the injury, for example, the shoulder, and it has become an obstacle to the load of the pectoral muscles.If it is difficult to independently determine the level of development of the muscle imbalance, it is necessary to ask about the coach or acquaintance - an athlete, if any.

Training upper body

  • There is a way of how to strengthen the pectoral muscles.This is usually applied thrust rod in the slope or not.Under these exercises use all the muscles, soft:
  • Start position - bend your knees as much as possible achieving a right angle.Then you need to bend over and take up the neck of the bar, which is on the floor.Better for this use one of the varieties of grips - reverse grip, riznohvatom or direct.
  • Keep your elbows at a short distance from the trunk, pulling the neck rod to the bottom of the chest or abdomen.Concentrate on the muscle tension in the widest areas.
  • Lower the rod neck slowly, straightening his hands almost completely, but do not let the discs from the bar to touch the floor.Also, in no case Do not round your back.In carrying out this exercise, do not change the position of the body.Perform draft must not only straining biceps or triceps, and back muscles.

In addition, another important need to strengthen the neck muscles.Exercises for how to strengthen the muscles of the neck, provide diversified load:

  • necessary to take both hands items in 5 or 10 kg, and fasten them to the back of the head.Keep items you need fast, so they do not fall.This may be a small bundle of books, for example.Start position - bent over, face down, and then leaned back, trying to stand up straight and look up.
  • Then you slowly lower the head down to the starting position.Repeat several times.
  • then attempt to throw back his head back, using only the muscles of the neck, but try to keep the head in place.To provide such a pressure should be within 10 seconds.
  • then it is worth thinking about how to strengthen the muscles of the arms.Though his hands and amenable to training easier for other parts of the body, and should take care of their development:
  • Strengthens biceps curls with weights.Starting position - feet shoulder width apart, standing straight with drooping shoulders and stomach retracted.Hold a dumbbell, bend your arms and pull the dumbbells to your shoulders.At the same time, try to keep your elbows to the body.Slowly return to starting position.Repeat several times.
  • Strengthen triceps extension arms with weights.Initial position - standing up straight, take a step forward with your right foot.Hold a dumbbell in your hand, try to hand clung to his body, and was bent at the elbow at a right angle.Straightening hand, you should feel the tension in the triceps.Stand next to a chair, holding a dumbbell in your left hand bend and lower the palm of his right hand on a chair, the body should be almost parallel to the floor;keep your back straight.Slowly straighten the arm along the body, lower it to the level of the buttocks.Slowly return the arm to the starting position.Then do the exercise a second hand.

There are also a number of exercises showing how to strengthen the abdominal muscles:

  • initial position - lie on your back.Start making circular leg movements in a certain direction, raising his legs up.Continuing to lie on your back, lift legs and pelvis.It is necessary to get touch the floor with the toes of his head.
  • then stand up and sit down on a chair.We need to take every ball.Holding hands raised, it is necessary to fix the legs.Then work out tilt back, touching the floor with the ball.Then you need to go back to the starting position while sitting.Hold the leg in a straight position, raise them.Then slowly lower them.This exercise will be more useful if you perform it using any additional items.This may be a ball or a dumbbell.

Training lower body parts

Doing upper body workout departments, do not forget the bottom.For example, it will be very effective exercises that strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor.This series of exercises used by professional athletes and:

  • Typically, the lower part of the body is great exercise with weights and exercises with a barbell.So how to strengthen the thigh muscles may be just using the rod, it is best to use only the initial stages of the stamp:
    • Starting position - stand under the imprint of the bar, which is fixed to the frame.
    • should be put on the neck laid back and drooping shoulders to the neck was on the muscle, not touching the bone.Hold the neck should be wide comfortable grip.The wider the grip the bar, the greater the stability of the movement is obtained.
    • We need to move away from the frame one step and put your feet on the width of 15-20 cm. If you make it difficult to squat full stop, then you can just raise the heel, but always based on the stand.
    • should be lowered slowly, keeping your back straight and shifting the entire burden on the feet neck heel.Squat better just below the point where your thighs are parallel to the floor.Start rise heels strongly rebounding from the stand or the floor.
    • By the way, this exercise is still considered to be important in how to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.Also, to strengthen the gluteal muscles can be sitting on the floor, to make "running" motion on the floor, pushing the foot forward, one by one.
    • If you hold the neck of the rod in the same position, but stretch his legs, getting up on his toes, then it will help in how to strengthen the muscles of the legs, especially the calves.It is also well to exercise a "bicycle", when sitting on the floor, make circular motion feet, simulating cycling.

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