What is different from an adult child?

What is different from an adult child?

Every child wants to grow up quickly, and sometimes every adult wants to go back to childhood.After all, only grown up, we begin to realize how beautiful was the time of our childhood as carefree and children are free.So what is the difference between childhood and adulthood?What is different from an adult child?What ideas and feelings of the child are not available to an adult?Let's face it.

main differences of children and adults

All the main differences between an adult and a child can be divided into physical, psychological and social.

  1. Unlike adult child developed physically and sexually mature (able to reproduce).It is massive, has developed all the organs and does not grow.
  2. Adults who know about real life is much more than children.In addition, they possess professional knowledge.
  3. adults responsible not only for himself but also for others.The child has a degree of responsibility being formed.
  4. Adults are less free in their actions, because their behavior is controlled by moral, ethica
    l, legal and other rules of adult life and the laws of society.
  5. adult man is quite independent.He can make decisions and to change your lifestyle.A child deprived of this independence - many it depends on adults.
  6. adult able to control the emotions and being able to control your mood.

There are other important differences between the adult from the child.In more detail, we wrote about it in the article What does it mean to be an adult.

Scientists do not stop to argue where the line between childhood and adulthood.Yet, many agree that the adult life begins from the moment of independence from their parents or guardians, and the possibility to own chosen lifestyle.

Features children's psyche

The fact that it is important for children and causing their interest, we wrote in the article What is interesting for children.And that's what we are losing, growing up?The novelty of the perception of the world and a sincere belief in miracles and fairy tales.Perhaps this is something that every child is capable of and is no longer capable of most adults.Children open to the world, and this is expressed and especially the child's mind.And then what will grow the children dependent on adults.

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