What to wear in summer ?

What to wear in summer ?

Summer - favorite time most of us.When the sun shines from above, around the butterflies and the birds sing, life becomes easier and more fun.In addition, the summer - it's time to leave, long-distance travel and new acquaintances.Of course, in such moments you want to look your best.But to achieve this is not always easy - because of the heat and stuffiness to choose clothes not so easy for a suitable situation.In this article, we'll show you what to wear in the summer to work, on vacation and in everyday life for men and women.


office hardest summer accounts for those who need to comply to the dress code.When the window 30, even working in the office air conditioner will not save you.It is necessary to carefully choose the clothes in which you will look formal enough, but will not lose consciousness from lack of air.

DST makes adjustments to the familiar color scheme office.Summer allowed to wear to work things lighter color, but not bright colors: beige, sand, pearl, light blue, muted gra

y-pink, lemon, mint and peach shades are quite appropriate.

The rest of the requirements of both the female and the male business suit remains the same.

Women's clothing

Girls can afford to replace the pencil skirt on a fashionable in the last couple of seasons, flared skirt to the knee.Dresses must be selected even if a small, but the sleeve - fully open arms and shoulders in the workplace are unacceptable.Selection of women's summer dresses provides a large flight of fancy.If you come in the summer to work even in a dress with a discreet print, you are unlikely to someone will make a remark.


As for men's summer suits, here in the first place the emphasis should be on the light, breathable fabrics, such as linen, cotton, silk or lightweight wool.The heat is permissible without wearing a suit jacket and tie.Men's shirt should also be sure to have a sleeve.Although the traditional colors of the male business suit, along with black and white are considered shades of blue, gray and brown, summer, men also can afford a little to dilute the usual gamut color shirt.Despite the fact that many stores now, you can find men's suits of bright and unusual colors, we recommend to buy them all the same for informal activities, such as going to a friend's wedding or a restaurant.

for active recreation

Summer - the best time for outdoor activities and sports.If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, you will need the appropriate sports stuff.

As for women and men, there is a huge range of sports and summer suits different shirts, shorts, T-shirts and polo.Preference was given to things made of cotton, which absorbs moisture well and allow the skin to breathe freely.

Summer sports shoes should be light and allow feet to breathe.Even regular trips to the shower will not be saved in the event that you will be sweating feet.Therefore, you should stay in the selection on sandals, flip-flops or sneakers light.If there is a risk of damage to the leg as a result of the campaign, then choose a shoe with breathable mesh on the sole.

Casual wear

summer there is a far greater range of models and styles of both women and men's clothing.Each determines its own style.

In regard to the basics for a summer wardrobe, the following recommendations should be given:

  • Buy some plain T-shirts and polo for all occasions - they can be successfully combine both things in a business-style tracksuit and withusual jeans.
  • Purchase a couple of shirts / blouses in neutral shades of light, breathable materials (linen, chiffon, silk, cotton).They can also be easily combined with other things.
  • Buy vest.In many situations it can be a good alternative to hot and crowded jacket.
  • Try a shortened version of trousers - these models are very popular.But here it is necessary to show some caution - these models are not for everyone.
  • Fine knitted sweater with buttons to help you stay warm when the evening suddenly become cool.
  • also should stock up some light jacket made of waterproof material in case of sudden bad weather.
  • Swimsuit.Women are better to buy at least two swimsuits - outdoor sunbathing and indoor - swimming.

preference for the color gamut of what to wear in the summer, no - choose what you prefer, and you go to the party.The most popular summer shades of the coming season: classic blue, mint, turquoise, aquamarine, green plastic, nyudovye and lavender shades and soft pink, purple and magenta.

important point is also a selection of suitable shoes.Women in this respect easier - there is a huge range of the most diverse summer women's shoes.Men also need to be careful when choosing open models: men's feet in open shoes did not look as attractive as women.Although in recent years it has become a fashion to treat men's sandals much more tolerant, sandals better to postpone until the next hike to the river or a trip to the sea.

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