Who is Nastia Shevchenko ?

Who is Nastia Shevchenko ?

In this information age, many people become famous instantly.Thanks to the Internet, television, glossy magazines and newspapers lackluster, seemingly, people have become almost the first magnitude stars within a few weeks or even days.In this article we will focus on the girl, whose name is Anastasia Shevchenko.Who is this woman, and why it has become so popular?

Nastya Shevchenko: biography

Nastya Shevchenko was born on March 17, 1996 in Saratov.Full name - Anastasia Shevchenko.This girl is studying in 10 classes of a humanitarian and economic Lyceum Saratov, enjoys dancing and photography.Being quite fragile (its weight is 57 kg and height -.. 169 cm), she managed to raspiarit themselves online so that this is not talking about it, probably just lazy teenager.Neither her mother - Olga Shevchenko, nor her father - Alexander O. Shevchenko, never thought that her daughter will star the social network "VKontakte" only because of their appearance.

Blue-eyed Anastasia loves to be photographed an

d share their photos on the Internet.Actually, the glory came to her precisely because of the fact that many people like her beautiful appearance.Many girls dream to be like her, and because of this, the network has a lot of fakes.Well, youth is not eternal, and sometimes fame that comes suddenly, as suddenly and leaves the "star."

Physical girl has the usual (gray eyes and brown hair), but thanks to beauty salons, it has managed to make himself quite attractive personality.On the pages of its fan clubs officially declared that the girl wears blue lenses and streaked hair, so the question of the natural beauty of the "stars" immediately becomes insignificant.Nastya Shevchenko (photo that you see at the beginning of the article), as well as all the modern youth, loves and prefers to hang out Saratov such nightclubs as "Rotonda", "Amon-Ra", "GrandMishel".

How to become Nastya Shevchenko

How to become like Nastya Shevchenko?Very simple!We go to the salon, hair meliruem their home, in addition to the purchase in the shop on artificial hair Clip and blue lenses, photographed in different poses - and you're done!But seriously, you become Nastya Shevchenko is impossible, so it is better not even try.Just be yourself, mind your own business that you like and get you the best.And then, who knows, maybe, and you will have an article on our site.

Other Nastya Shevchenko

By the way, online Anastasia is very often confused with its namesake Anastasia Shevchenko, a party Idol.This girl graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Rostov University, worked in television, radio and in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets", yet in the end he did not get on "American Idol-6" First Channel, where it has come and the glory.