What are the snakes ?

What are the snakes ?

huge number of snakes living on the globe.Some lay eggs, others are viviparous.Some live under the water, the other on the ground, in the trees, there is also underground.About a quarter of the entire population of the planet snake - poisonous.Snakes have different shapes, colors and sizes.As you can see, to answer the question concerning what has snakes, not so easy!For example, the warm countries chosen are poisonous snakes like viper, cobra, viper, and non-toxic - boas and pythons.In the temperate zone viper lives and certainly.

Where are the snakes

widespread representatives of this suborder across the planet, although more of their lives in the tropics.However, there are snakes and other regions have not reached them except to permafrost.Most snakes live on the ground, although some prefer to dwell on the branches of trees in the water and even underground.Northern Hemisphere, the United States and Russian territory became family, mainly for poisonous snakes such as cobras and vipers.Nonpoi

sonous snakes are found here infrequently.Populated southern hemisphere as the poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

What to eat snakes

Snakes - predators and, accordingly, their food are the other living beings.Characteristically, each snake has developed its own methods of hunting.Some kill the victim contained in the teeth poison, others strangled, others swallowed alive and only then begin to digest.In particular, the representatives of such poisonous family, as an African mamba, cobra and viper kill their prey by poison.First, the snake bites the victim, and then waits for the affected animal will die of poison or lose the ability to resist.It remains only to swallow prey whole.Nonpoisonous snakes are different: pythons and boas do not bite their prey and suffocate, wrapping her tangle around mining.

Whom fear of snakes

many poisonous snakes.In most cases, such a snake plunges its fangs into the victim while hunting.After some time, the bitten animal dies.But snakes are known to use poison anyway.They spit venom.This snake tries to get the venom into the eyes of the victim or the attacker at her predator."Shot" snake venom can fly a distance of several meters.Poisonous snakes - most dangerous of all their relatives.Europe's most dangerous snake - viper.

What are the snake: types

family View
Viperidae Bonaparte Viper, viper snakes
Anomalepididae Taylor American worm-like snakes
Aniliidae Boulenger terete snake
Acrohordidae Hornstedt acrochordidae
Boidae Gray Udavoobraznye (boidae) snake
Colubridae Oppel natricinae, uzhoobraznye snake
Bolyeridae Gray Mascarene boas
Crotalidae Gray pit viper (rattlesnakes) snake
Hydrophiidae Boie sea snakes
Elapidae Boie asp, aspidovye snake
Laticaudidae Laurenti laticauda sea snakes, laticauda, ​​sea snakes, amphibians, sea krait
Tropidophiidae Brongersma tropidophiidae
Leptotyphlopidae Stejneger microhylidae snake
Uropeltidae Gray uropeltidae
Typhlopidae Merrem Slepuny, blindworm
Xenopeltidae Bonaparte Radiantsnake

and the most important: knowing what are the snakes, you will surely love these mysterious creatures and cease to fear them.Even a poisonous snake bites man defending himself.