How to open a bank ?

How to open a bank ?

Today, in the age of commodity abundance, when shop windows is all and in large quantities, does not have a home, for example, can opener is nonsense.Therefore, a question how to open a bank is not so urgent.But not so easy as it seems.There are still cases where the answer to it is vital.Imagine that you are hiking or fishing, and food from you only canned food, and open them there is nothing.A terrible picture.Therefore, the ability to open different types of cans come in handy in life, make no mistake.

Open glass jar

happens that sometimes it is very difficult to open jars with screw caps.If this bank is not open, then you need to take a knife, gently poke the tip between the threads and turn a little.In this case, the pressure inside the can and catch up on your kitchen, and the lid is easy to turn.

Can a bank to turn over the top and the bottom of the lower lid for a few minutes in hot water.After that, cover with a towel wrap, and try to open it.

constantly slips from the hands of the ba

nks cover can rotate when cover it with cling film or use rubber gloves.

Open tin

question, how to open a jar without a knife sprats relevant not only for students and drinkers in the alley, we have already found.

  1. method first, covered with legends and beliefs, or how to open a bank tapkom.Vam need heavy sneakers and two spoons.The most important thing is to do a hole in the bank.To do this, put the spoon handle at the edge of the lid down and begin to actively knocking on table top instrument.Do not expect that this method is fast, here you have to have patience.Once the hole is done, put your spoon into it and begin to wield it like a can opener.When the size of the holes will help immerse the second spoon, business, of course, will be faster, since one tablespoon will serve as a knife, and the other focusing.This is such a complicated method.
  2. second method is easier, but not as spectacular as the first.The weakest spot in a tin is a junction with the wall of the cover, it can simply grind with the help of available funds.For example, you can rub the jar on the asphalt, concrete floor or a stone.A few minutes and the contents of your cherished banks.
  3. third method exists in theory, but do not use it in practice.You can put the jar in a pan with water and heat it all on fire, while the bank did not explode from the pressure to increase it.Bank, so of course you will discover, but all that was in it, will be on the ceiling and walls.

Now that you know how to open a can without a knife and how to cope with neotvinchivayuscheysya cover, you probably will become an indispensable helper on the farm, and fearless avid fisherman and hunter will win any debate on a considerable amount of money.But seriously, because no one knows where and when to be useful to you certain knowledge, so that they let too, that knowledge will be, let alone apply them you always have time.