What do you call a holiday ?

What do you call a holiday ?

If you want to organize a party or an event, be sure to come up with a unique name, which would be of interest to all of your friends.This article will try to understand how best to call a holiday.

Choice original name

In order to pick the perfect name for your holiday, you need to take into account some points:

  • event time.If your holiday starts at lunch time, it may be present in the title the word "lunch", for example, "Dinner angels" or "start in the afternoon."Also important could be the month of the event ( "December the race") and the time of year ( "Winter's Tale").
  • The idea of ​​the event.Also important in choosing a name, and the main idea of ​​the festival.If you are celebrating a birthday or Halloween, the name should be relevant: "Pati Katie" (name may differ) or "Fright Night," "Christmas lights", etc.
  • holiday color.It has recently become popular to hold "color" parties, ie, all guests must be dressed in a certain color of the item: "Pink Dreams", "the White party" or "orange p
  • total number of guests.If you are planning to organize an event with a lot of guests, it may be present in the title words: big, big.For example, a party may be called the "Great Day of friends."

In addition, the choice of name may depend on the imagination of the organizer, so it may not even be related to the fact that there will be at the event.As the name can be any word that you like, for example, or of Black Happy party.

If you consider all the above points, you can choose an appropriate name: Pink night Party (that is, everyone should be in pink) or Girls day in blue.

Unsuitable names

Do not call the holiday incomprehensible words.Also unacceptable are the words offensive, or words with a political slant.

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