How to heat the house ?

How to heat the house ?

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How to heat the house?

What type of heating is the most effective?These issues are still before the cold season concerned absolutely every homeowner.We need to take care of high-quality thermal insulation and simultaneously strengthen the construction of a residential building.This process can be found in more detail in our article How to strengthen the building.

In fact, a universal solution as heat vacation home as efficiently and cost-effectively does not exist.Each of us is guided by their own needs and rely on its own financial resources.We will look at the most popular solutions is to heat a private home, evaluate their main advantages and disadvantages.

Why heat the house very convenient and profitable?

Homeowners whose homes are located in urban areas, can be connected to the centralized heating system and not worry about the purchase and installation of any additional devices.But if the house is located outside the city, such a possibility at the owner will

not.Meanwhile, many owners of private houses believe that the heat the room very profitable and convenient.Here are a few important advantages:

  • can enable or disable the heating when you really need it;
  • heating can be switched on only at certain intervals, if you live in the house every day;
  • temperature can be adjusted independently;
  • you can choose the best option of heating (gas, electricity and so on. D.).

The better to heat the house?

order to find the optimal solution, answer a few important questions:

  • whether I will live in the house all year round?
  • Is it important for me to save resources, or more important, that the house was heated as quickly as possible?
  • how much I am willing to spend on quality heating system?

Detailed answers to the question about which heaters are popular today among the owners of private homes can be found in the article How to heat a house.

on coolants prices are constantly rising, so many homeowners decide cheaper than heat the room.Consider a few options.

stove heating

easiest option - a traditional Russian stove.If you are not a professional setter, do not try to put the stove yourself - invite specialist.It depends on your safety and the quality of heating.Fired Oven firewood (primarily hardwoods - beech, oak, etc...).Firewood need to stock up in advance, and the furnace regularly exercise the necessary care.In addition, there are certain fire safety measures: for example, the floor next to the oven certainly obbivat iron: Otherwise, a fire may occur.

Fireplace Heating Fireplace

can hardly be called a full-fledged heater, however, the premise it may well warm.However, the firewood to heat the room, fireplace, need very much.But there is also a definite plus: in the room where the beautiful fireplace, always will be very cozy.

Water heating

Another popular option is to heat the wooden house - a water heating.To create such a system will require the boiler tubes, and the battery is usually required pump.The heating boilers are divided into several types:

  • electric boilers;
  • diesel boilers;
  • gas boilers;
  • solid fuel boilers;
  • biofuel boilers.

most popular options - gas or electric.A more economical option is considered to be gas heating.And if you are looking for an option how to heat the house without gas is inexpensive, you can pay attention to the boilers for solid fuels.However, such equipment requires a more rigorous and complex maintenance.


The most common option - this is probably the heaters.But it is important to bear in mind the cost of electricity and to understand that this heating option will be the most expensive.That is why the heater can be called the best option only if you, for example, are coming to a country house on the weekends.

Today there are many ways on how to heat the cottage or country house.Most importantly, the room was warm and cozy.For more useful information on how to make and heat a house, can be found in our article How to make heating.