How to write a wish?

How to write a wish?

Almost everyone, but what's there to conceal, certainly all wish for something.And the list of what people would like to, may continue not limited.But not everyone knows how to properly formulate a wish.This, in turn, a very important point, because it is the correct wording depends on whether your wish will be granted.

How to formulate desires

  • necessary to formulate its intention in relation to the present time, if it has already taken place.Many people complain that the desires are not fulfilled, although they have long been put on the pages of the Book Wish.In several studies have found that desires miswording present in many cases.It should not just say what you want, and claim their intention.
  • Do not limit yourself to the exact timing, because the dream is to be filled in the appropriate time, and the person can not know when that time comes.Quite a common mistake can be called an attempt to time desired by a specific date.The universe takes time for your mind, maybe to prepare some circu
    mstances, or some of your personal beliefs, which prevent it, must change.After all, if at the moment you have been waiting for, nothing will happen, you will be disappointed and decide that this is nonsense and nothing works, and the universe is just agree with you, because the whole life of a person reflects his beliefs.
  • wording desire should not include the particle "no".And all because the universe is not a denial, and simply does not take into account this particle in all sense of desire.Those.better to say what you want to be healthy, rather than - I do not want to hurt, because in the universe are different concepts opposite to each other.
  • If you are wondering how to write a wish, most sources simply advise in detail describe the details and put everything on the shelves.But the practice is checked, it is impossible to foresee everything.With regard to issues of love, there is better to use a more general wording, since it is impossible to know exactly what kind of person you need to solve all your life and personal problems.
  • your desire to be environmentally friendly, or to speak more simply, it should not bring harm to others.Certainly no such people who genuinely want to harm others, but there are cases that you want to get an apartment or a large sum of money, and all that you can get only after my aunt's death.In this case, the desire to attribute the phrase that the fulfillment of a wish to be a simple and enjoyable for the benefit of those around me.In principle, such a phrase may be some insurance and it can be added to all of your written wishes.
  • should not be included in the description of his desires of specific individuals.Most often, this item is related to the sphere of love, because many of our desires are connected so as to find a soul mate, or to get her back.Specificity must be avoided, because simply the other person may not want to have any relations with you, but you can affect their will on him and his soul, that in the latter can give the opposite result.You puzzled at once, so as to formulate the desire in this case, but in this situation, wish fulfillment is allowed, when his desire to add the phrase, if it does not contradict the inner thoughts of this man.
  • not ask others about how to formulate a wish, except, perhaps, the most difficult and complicated cases.Keep in mind that it is your desire that comes from your soul, and only you know exactly what you want.There are cases that in the process of thinking about how to properly formulate a wish, it turns out that you do not need.

Desire Feng Shui

It's no secret that the practice of Feng Shui is quite extensive use of symbols, which control the various aspects and attract any good in our lives by using their simple images.This means that Feng Shui desire to write - is to give impetus to its implementation.And if you add in a written visual image of what you want to receive, then they certainly will attract into your life that you so desire.Decorated in the style of Feng Shui desire as if talking to the universe that you want to get what you are asking, and what's more, you already have this in mind, therefore, to restore harmony and balance should meet your needs and the physical layer.

most common for wish fulfillment in the practice of Feng Shui is considered a ritual of creating the so-called treasure map.In short, the essence of it is that by placing an ordinary sheet of paper, your photo, you simply surround her images of everything that you want, and so you need to be happy.It is believed that by doing this, you are surrounded by symbolically already fulfilled desires and you just have to wait when they will not just images on a piece of paper and really real.This method works in order to get any real benefit or to achieve the objectives of intangible - luck in love, recognition, etc.

Helpers by desires

himself zagadyvaniya process is desired, of course, to effectively produce a result for each person will have their own.For assistance you can turn to astrology.Consider that astrology offers for different signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries, Leo or Sagittarius - your main assistant fire.It is necessary to choose the time at dusk, when no one will disturb you and light a candle.Then, make a wish, staring at the candle flame.It is necessary to write it down on paper.If you want to get rid of something, you immediately need to burn your recordings.If you want to buy anything, as often as may be necessary to read his post in the light of candles.And when you get what you want, you can burn the note as if thanks to higher powers.
  • Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces - your assistant is considered water.Guessing his desire must be on the shore of the reservoir, just looking at the water.Also it is necessary to write it down on paper.Then do the desires of your boat and let it go.At this point, better to be in a boat or on a bridge.
  • Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn - your main assistants money and food!One put forth a request and carry in your pocket a treasured coin until the desired performance.It is not necessary at this time to lend money to.During zagadyvaniya better to chew grapes or marmalade.
  • Gemini, Libra or Aquarius - for your main assistants are considered the cheerful company and clouds.It is necessary to call as many of their friends as possible and in the course of a noisy party to make a wish or even none.It is also possible to think their desires while walking, when you look up at the clouds.

But we should not forget that very important in its formulation of desires.And from it will depend on the correctness of the result.