As the plow motor-block ?

As the plow motor-block ?

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How plow motor-block?

Many owners of gardens and vegetable gardens, to facilitate the manual work, buy their tillers.Of course, the walk-behind tractor, with its proper operation, may become an indispensable tool in your household.But not everyone knows how to plow the motor-block.Actually do not know how to properly set up walk-behind tractor for plowing and cultivating the land.And, it is not so difficult.Follow our advice and you will succeed.

First of all, you need to take into account the land area to be treated.And depending on its size, select the appropriate weapon and walk-behind tractor for plowing.All motor blocks are divided into three types:

  • Lightweight tillers.They are called cultivators.Normally, the weight of the two-wheel tractor is less than fifty kilograms.Capacity ranges from three to five horsepower.Suitable for cultivation cultivator or a cutter.The area of ​​the surface being treated and six hundred.
  • Average tillers.More powerful, and twelve
    horsepower and up to a hundred kilos.You can handle areas up to twenty acres cultivator or a light plow.
  • Heavy tillers.The most powerful.Their capacity can be up to thirty horsepower and processing area of ​​up to two hectares.Work, as a rule, mounted plow.

With motor-block decided.Now we learn how to plow the motor-block correctly.As a rule, small portions are best to handle cultivator or cutter.Light and medium tillers when buying already equipped with cutters.Tillage there is no difficulty.Simply put walk-behind on the edge of the treated surface, include a higher gear, and holding, go after him, turning to the other end of the strontium in the area.

Another thing plow plowing on large areas.It is important the correct setting of the plow.To do this, perform a few points.

  • hang on behind tractor plow.How to do it, you can come out of a walk-behind tractor.
  • At slow speeds, make a pass from the beginning to the end of the section.Expand walk-behind and do a reverse pass.
  • Put walk-behind the right wheel in a rut that has remained from the first pass.Carefully look at the plow.Given the slope walking tractor, it must be perpendicular to the ground plane.If not adjustable.
  • Make a second pass.Enjoying the depth of plowing.If it is too big or too small, adjust the plow.As a rule, for the plowing depth should be 15-20 centimeters.

Once prilovchilis, and you will have a smooth track, it is necessary to increase the speed of walking tractor.So plow will put off stronger, the surface is smooth, with no lumps, and the plowing will be faster.That's the way we plow and motor-block.Video on how to plow Motor-blocks, you can watch on YouTube or other services on the Internet.This will give you clearly see that Tillers able to cope with not only the plowing of soil treated, and virgin lands.