How to celebrate Pancake Day ?

How to celebrate Pancake Day ?

In pre-Christian times Slavs celebrated the meeting of spring, sunny holiday Komoeditsa, timed to coincide with the spring equinox.The traditions that have developed over the centuries, it is very difficult to eradicate, so the church decided not to fight, but to join in, so to speak.

In the 16th century the holiday was officially introduced as a Christian, as a preparation for Lent.The meat is already forbidden, but the fish, milk, butter - were allowed.From this came the name - Mardi Gras.Dates of Maslenitsa celebration depends on Easter dates as determined by the lunar calendar, so the early Mardi Gras may occur in the beginning of February, and later - even at the beginning of March.After Shrovetide Lent begins.How to celebrate Carnival?Let's look at the history of the holiday and the way things stand right now.

Shrovetide tradition

Despite the fact that the holiday is already official, religious, Christian, pagan symbols were - pancakes, cheesecakes, a straw effigy of winter-Marena that bu

rned on the last day, Shrove Sunday.Preserved and the spirit of the holiday festivities, songs, dances, games, food, sledding down the hills, on the Russian troika, with the breeze so - with bells!

Nowadays carnival week - it is rather an occasion to organize celebrations, but in the beginning of the last century, every day was devoted to the rites and rituals of particular importance.

As in Russia celebrated Pancake

Monday made a straw man, dressed him in women's clothes, and, after singing provezut the village, set on a hill.

On Tuesday, the people riding a horse-drawn sled, funny arranged representations with clowns and mummers, were very popular bear fun when performing bears entertained the audience.

On Wednesday, it was decided to lay the abundant tables, pancakes, go to visit relatives.Here, by the way, where, he took the proverb "to his mother on pancakes."The streets and squares put stalls with samovars, with gingerbread and brought down.

Thursday - the height of fun, in Russia it was decided to hold fights to show valiant prowess.

On Friday, mother-in-law with the father already went to the pancakes to the son-in, however, mother-in-law the day before had to send everything you need for these pancakes, down - up to the ladle and pan and Tests - bag of buckwheat and oil.

Saturday - the so-called "Zolovkina gatherings", the young daughter had guests from the husband.

rites that have to do with family, Pancake week given special attention.Going to visit relatives and to make them at home to congratulate the newlyweds, to visit all those who walked at a wedding - that these traditions were in Russia.

Sunday - the day when it was decided to ask for forgiveness for everything that had accumulated over the year, to visit relatives of the deceased in cemeteries, hence the name - "Forgiveness Sunday".

Sunday also burnt an effigy of winter.

Farewell to Carnival and the first day of Lent - Monday.

This day was called "Clean Monday", he symbolized purification from all sins.It was decided to bathe in a bath and wash the dishes.

How to celebrate Shrove Tuesday today

Now, of course, fisticuffs are not satisfied, and the test is not sending a bag of buckwheat in-law, but remained a good tradition to have fun in the Pancake week.As in Russia celebrated Pancake Day, because it is necessary - with pancakes!People still go to visit and receive visitors at home, sledding, and theatrical performances and Shrovetide Fair - and have remained essential attributes of this wonderful holiday.