How to receive visitors ?

How to receive visitors ?

Russian people are accustomed to the fact that to them constantly come to visit parents, close relatives and friends.They do not consider it a special occasion and so it is always ready to receive such guests.But what if you want to take the unusual guests: co-workers or boss.In this article, we'll show you how to receive guests.

Rules reception

Invitation Invite guests to the event (it does not matter - you will celebrate in a restaurant or at home) should be in advance.Guests should be prepared: to pick up clothes, gift, time (if the person is a working day, to agree on a replacement).At big events are invited in the past month.If the event will take place at home (birthday, christening), then for a week or two.

certain time

invites all guests must be at a certain time to meet all the guests did not win the event.For every meal there is time.For example, if you want to invite for breakfast, it's time interval of 10-12 hours.If for dinner - 15-19 hours.


On measures taken to invit

e guests in pairs girlfriend and her boyfriend, a man and his wife.An exception may be stag and hen parties, which is not accepted invite mate.

Meeting guests

Guests must be met in good spirits, smiling and joking, that removes the tension between the guests, especially if they know each other badly.Appearance owners should be festive and tidy.


If the invited person presents a gift, it should be taken with a smile and gratitude, even if you do not like, and to consider immediately.


If among the guests there are people who are not familiar with each other, they necessarily need to introduce.If this new person in your company, you need to submit it to all present.At acquaintance are always men, women and younger age are introduced to others first.


should try to make all the arrangements and covered the table have been completed before the arrival of all the guests.If you do or do not have time, take anything offered at this time: play the game or offer to view photos or videos from any activities.

If provided common dishes, prepare the equipment for them, that every guest has not used his.The owner must submit such dishes to guests.If a lot of guests, they can take care of themselves and themselves.


At home activities visitors themselves can choose the place, but it must be ensured that the pair did not sit at opposite ends of the table, or to strangers sitting nearby.

At large events be accepted scheme of placing guests to put plates on the names of the tables or at the entrance to place a poster with the description of all tables.


During the feast is not necessary to make the guests have food, they do not want.Each is required to choose what his taste.Requests owners can put people in an awkward position.


On measures taken to maintain an easy conversation.It is not necessary to tell guests about how much money was spent on treats.It is also necessary to avoid talking about health problems and the owners and their families.

If guests are set not only to communicate, but also a good time to dance, play games, all the points you need to consider in advance.Learn how to entertain guests, read the article - How to entertain guests.


Check event must be on a positive note.It is not necessary to specify the guests that the celebration is already finished and it was time to leave.You need to clear the table after all the guests disperse.

Having adopted these recommendations, you can always easily receive visitors at home, and not to lose face.

In the event that there were questions about the meeting guest at various events, read the article - How to meet the guests.