What if I lost the keys ?

What if I lost the keys ?

The more you got your property - car, apartment, garage, house, villa, the more offensive and annoying happens to lose the keys to your farm.What if I lost the keys, how to proceed?Option two - to change the locks or find lost keys.Either option is quite problematic, so it is best not to lose them.If you often leave something, you forget, lose, then hang up the keys large heavy keychain that it could be heard in the fall.Or use the keyfob with the audio signal, it will find the keys, if you have lost them somewhere near or in his apartment, and this happens at the forgetful women.

Car Keys

If the owner has lost car keys, he has problems begin.When installed modern signaling no one will be able to open the car, even the native key.This is the case if you have not lost with the key on the remote alarm.The second factor that you play into the hands, this is the place where you lost your keys.When away from the car, it is quite incredible will calculate it and steal.But even if that happens, your st

atement to the police about the hijacking cars calculated on the first post of DPS.But if it be allowed the hijackers to spare, the key loss can be fatal for you.Suppose that you have a car no one steals.Then you can try to advertise in the media with a request to return the keys to paste up flyers at the place where you lost your keys, and you can make a duplicate.

keys from the apartment

Now consider the situation when the owner lost the keys to the apartment.If the apartment is set on the alarm, then there is nothing to be afraid of, just make a duplicate.But without action harder alarm.If, again, lost keys away from the apartment, it is not necessary to be afraid of anything.Most likely, no one will ever be able to identify you from which door the keys.So to change the locks you never have.The only thing to be done - to order duplicate keys.If this was the only key, you have to call the rescuers to open doors, pay them for calling a considerable amount.If the situation allows, the lock will remain in working condition, but he will still not bring any good without a key.In the worst case, you face a replacement not only locks, but all the doors because the massive and especially home-made locks are opened only with damage to the door panel.The same action should take the owner who lost the keys to the house or garage.

golden rule

Therefore, it is best to have the spare keys and store them in another location, such as parents, neighbors, friends, if you trust them.And if you are very afraid for their property, in any situation, it is necessary to change the locks.This, of course, is expensive, but weigh that more you will rise - new locks or loss of personal property.


There is an interesting national sign - lost keys, it concluded bargain or good luck in your personal life.So it's not so bad, how to find lost keys.Better not try to trim these keys, for that matter, money and other valuable things interesting.According to popular belief, poor people impose on them their share of troubles, problems, and leave in prominent places that other people have taken away all their misfortunes.But a broken key in the lock can tell you about a failed robbery attempt.