How to punish the offender ?

How to punish the offender ?

desire to punish the offender's natural for any person, especially since a wish to recover the offender caused evil rightly.Let's try to consider the options of how to punish the offender, without losing self-esteem and do not sink to criminality.

Revenge of the offender: important rules and methods

Firstly, it should be remembered that any action taken hastily, under the influence of emotions, most likely will not bring the desired effect.Therefore, all actions must first think carefully and weigh.

Second, the offender's punishment should be proportionate.If the answer to the petty insult you let the world the offender and his family, it will then feel uncomfortable - seize conscience.

Thirdly, it is necessary to choose the right punishment, correlate it with the kind of social and material status offender, his level of development.Simply put, if you try to insult cad in response to his insult, he just take it as a fact of his biography passing.But if you make him a public apology by the cour

t, the fact he already perceive as a real punishment, especially if it takes a high position in society.

Fourth, always remember that before making a decision on punishment of the offender, always worth finding out more about it.Information and evidence - most importantly your weapon.If the desire is strong enough to punish the offender and finances allow, it is not necessary to collect information, Now a lot of specialized detective agencies.

Now you can consider options of how to carry out retribution to his abuser.

Career and finances

If your abuser briskly moving through the ranks, working in a field directly related to finances or services, or did you find that he simply has plans to improve the financial situation, try to hit his pocket orcareer:

  • Entrepreneurship is rarely carried out without any disturbance, even if small, especially in the sphere of trade and services.If your abuser from this area, you have a reasonable chance to give him a long headache, reporting violations of existing controls and the fiscal authorities.It can be a tax or labor inspection, fire protection, etc .;
  • If the offender is engaged in social or political activities, the destruction of his image would be blow to his career and terrible punishment for him.It's enough to make public the facts impartially characterize it;
  • Perhaps your abuser cherishes a personal agenda, how to improve their financial condition.For example, it expects to receive an inheritance.To punish him, enough to ruin those plans.For example, to find the other contenders for the inherited property.

In all these cases it is necessary to remember that all the information collected must be completely reliable and provable, otherwise there is a chance to be liable for defamation.

private prosecution

abuser has distributed information about you to discredit the honor and dignity, undermine the reputation or insulted your honor and dignity in a public manner?You have a good chance to bring him to criminal liability for defamation or insult, referring to the court in a private prosecution.Your boss called you a drunk and drone?He added obscene statements?This is slander and insult.

In the same way, you can bring the offender for the beating.And if the medical commission finds that as a result of the beating you are unable to work from 7 to 21 days, the offender can be held accountable for causing bodily harm.

Before submitting an application to the Court do not forget that the burden of proof is on you.Gather relevant documents, find witnesses.If applied to a beating, you should contact the emergency room or other medical facility and fix the damage caused in the certificate.

magical powers

around us often occur mysterious and unexplained events that can make you believe in the existence of magical powers.And various magicians and sorcerers of all kinds are assured that the issue of how to punish the offender has his magic recipes, such as effective as real ones.Try to turn to practicing magician, or you can use the magic spell of the relevant literature, or from the web.

Folk plots

Folk wisdom accumulated for centuries.Who knows, maybe prababkiny plots, which are transmitted from generation to generation, will help to punish the offender.Moreover, the plot is to punish the offender rather easy to find, on the subject of books are now missing.Or maybe you have prompted the grandmother-whisperers, who lives in the nearest village?You can try to access it.