How to fold napkins ?

How to fold napkins ?

As the etiquette, there is a considerable number of rules as to how nicely folded napkins.

  • first rule: When you are given a napkin, you should certainly use it.Do not leave it untouched on the table.This improvised material designed specifically to using it wiped the soiled parts of the body.
  • second rule: Do not start to lay out his napkin forward master.Only after he does, you can be taken for his.
  • third rule: When a large amount of tissue is necessary to minimize it, so she did not fall down to the knees.This component of the festive table should not cause you any inconvenience.
  • fourth rule: You can not deploy a napkin, yet have not brought your meal.

How to fold napkins: options and instructions


Take a napkin and fold it like an accordion, as if doing a fan.Then bend it in the middle and throw the tissue ring.


  1. Material fold diagonally.
  2. right and left corners of bends to the top corner.
  3. Bend the tip of the upper triangle to the base.
  4. are forming a circle, this sid
    e is retracted and the tips of inserting one into the other.
  5. two upper corners bend downward.


  1. where suitable layered tissue paper.Place the front of the material so that the inner side was on top, and the outer side should be the lower right.
  2. Cut a narrow strip on the left.
  3. Expand napkin.
  4. Then fold it accordion.
  5. Pull the middle.
  6. severed strip placed in the middle of the material.
  7. Tie the cloth strip.
  8. Remove the first layer of the composition up, then the next and so on.

tent for three

  1. napkin folded diagonally.
  2. Now align the right corner to the left, folded napkin in half.
  3. again fold it in half, aligning the corners.
  4. Place napkin upright straightened slightly lower corners.

If you are interested how to fold paper napkins, then the answer is simple - you can use the methods described above, or simply fold it accordion.Only smooths the corner, and then folded in half.