How to play on April 1st?

How to play on April 1st?

There are several versions of which was first celebrated April Fools.One of them tells that this custom originated in France and was associated with the transfer of the New Year celebration on January 1st.In the first half of the XVI century, Europeans in the New Year's week (25 March - 1 April), congratulated each other on the holiday fun and the glory, played each other.With the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, New Year was celebrated on January 1, but the habit of having fun fooling around and left.But the French, who stubbornly continued to celebrate the New Year in the old, nicknamed "April Fool's fools."So to this day is celebrated April Fools' Day in many European countries.As for us, this tradition has acquired a noble shade and is called the Day of laughter.

How to play April 1 friend

Provided that your acquaintance has continued for a long time, and you know, if one has a sense of humor, and it refers to the "extreme" jokes.Then it is possible to choose the drawing method.Otherw

ise, you run the risk of being misunderstood and, as a minimum, to remain alone with him for a while.If your friend takes offense at the jokes, bad perceives them or is responding better to just the morning to congratulate him on the occasion, sending funny sms-ku on the phone.You can congratulate in person jest about the "white back", which ceased to be offended without exception, even in the middle of the last century.

How to play April 1 friend whose sense of humor is no problem?Yes please!Call him from an unknown cell phone number, you should introduce an employee of the mobile phone company and ask for help in testing the quality of customer service.Naturally, the phone number of your friend, and the number from which you are calling must belong to the same mobile operator.Ask your friend to pick up a pencil and tapped it on the mobile phone.When this procedure is completed successfully, ask the receiver to bring the wall and knock in pencil on the wall.The unsuspecting friend has fulfilled the request, perhaps a little surprised.And only when you ask them to bring the phone close to your ear and tap a pencil on his head, he will understand the essence of fun and, most likely, will speak in response to a lot of interesting.

How to play April 1 wife

harmless, easily reproducible and does not require third-party assistance joke.Wearing the jersey of any color in the shoulder area or elsewhere, but at his wife's eyes to certain noticed threaded contrast with the color of the clothes thread.At the same time the edge of the thread should be on the outside and inside (in the sleeve or elsewhere) - the whole skein of thread.My wife noticed a thread on your sweater, try to put everything in order and remove it.But it was not there.A string of unending.I wonder how long your wife will drag the thread before guess about drawing.

If your wife is scattered and is able to take a joke on her personal qualities, then we can proceed as follows: forgotten somewhere in the apartment keys on the eve of the evening to put in a bowl of water so that the top was only the stick and put in the freezer.In the morning put the cup in a prominent place, turning so that the charm is evident.his wife's reaction, which is in a hurry to get ready for work and discovered the key to a more suitable place than not, can be fun, and maybe even angry.In any case, you can comfort yourself with the thought that your companion will be more collected.

How to play April 1, her husband joked

possible in the morning.That's just for this we must get up early.Most men have the habit to eat before going to bed or at night.So, rising early, when your love is still undisturbed slumber, it is necessary to perform multiple manipulations:

  • Open the refrigerator and get the jam.It is not necessary to pay attention, whether it likes or spouse can not stand.
  • The jam stain liberally spoon.Well, if the house is unusually large spoon - a souvenir of wood, for example.
  • Insert the spoon sleeping husband in the arm.Do not forget to jam dirty face and lips asleep.Of course, it's important not to wake him, for all the efforts will be nullified.
  • Ask your husband woken up, since when he was eating in bed during the night and with a loud slurp.

Another quite funny version of how to play on April 1, her husband.By the way, my husband, too, must be in a horizontal position, snoring peacefully.And you, meanwhile, to implement the following plan:

  • Preheat two creams to body temperature.One of them - the cream for hair removal, and the other - the color of the first and absolutely harmless cream or toothpaste.
  • Spread foot sleeping, one is enough.Most use a neutral cream and only occasionally - a cream for hair removal and, of course, in those places where hair grows rampant.
  • early, cursing, the husband goes to wash off the cream, and together with him and wash off the hair in some areas.Contrast vegetation only enhance the effect.
  • If you are able, you can give a lecture about the harmful effects of chemical waste companies in the state of flora in the world.

How to play April 1 colleague

The lunch area (probability of calls less) you can ask colleagues not to use a fixed telephone, citing the fact that the line runs telephonist.Himself at this time to go out and dial a number in the office.When someone would raise up, to issue a bloodcurdling scream person who has received an electrical discharge.For the next

jokes need an old adding machine type "FED", which must be set to a colleague instead of a keyboard, proimitirovav connection to the system unit, etc.

And another option.Suitable for a colleague who is not particularly good at computers.Start a conversation with him about the achievements of modern electronic technology, in particular the e-mail.Picking time slap yourself on the forehead and tell them that they forgot to get a money order that you sent yesterday.Go to your computer and remove the drive from the pre-laid to the bill so that it is seen acted out.

In any case, smile more often.Even when you have played.Festival has something for everyone.