What can make a wish ?

What can make a wish ?

Everyone about something dreams.We always want something, if anything, when we achieve it, we have a new desire.It is this property of each of us makes the world stand still, our innumerable questions contribute to the fact that every year, mankind reaches a new level of development, there are latest technology, movies, books, etc.We want so much, that sometimes do not know how you can make a wish in a certain situation.

We believe that when a star falls, you should make a wish and it will definitely come true.We look up at the sky, waiting, and when she did, will fall and when that happens, you lose and do not have time to formulate what we want.In our mind immediately run through dozens of different desires, and we can not quickly decide that the priority for us.

Wishes for the New Year or Birthday

  1. Health.So, decide what you want more than anything else?What can wait for later, and what you need right now?I mean, at this stage of life.Think about your health.After all, without it, in fact, w
    e do not cute.If you have some kind of disease, during the Christmas chimes, or blowing out candles, wish to recover from it.
  2. Kakrerny growth.But what about the career?Without money and self-realization, we can not live a full life.Feel free to order his wealth: the car, an apartment, a yacht, a treasure chest.
  3. Love.Life - it is not only laughter but also tears, that happiness and sorrow and a sense of gathering together all the emotions inherent in human nature?Of course, love.Where do without her?You want to meet your soul mate?I know, dream.So why such a good dream did not come true?
  4. Friendship.If you have no friends, did not hesitate to make a wish to find them.Believe me, they will not only enrich your life, but also help in difficult situations.
  5. Close.And be sure to not forget about relatives.You want all your family to be healthy and in no need of?

How many desires, is not it?These are only the most basic and adequate ones.Hence the conclusion - it is better to combine them into one main desire, or we just do not have time to scroll through it all in my head, until beating the chimes.Just think to yourself "I want to be happy," and refers to all the aspects of life.

What if the desire to be able to fulfill the common man?The girl, or a guy who, for example, you lost in gambling.So what desire can make a loser?What are you again fall into a stupor, wondering what exactly come up with?It is better to prepare for such a course of events in advance.

What can make a wish girl

If at some game or the dispute plays a girl in the head climb the most interesting ideas.For example:

  • unoccupied stations intimate private dance.Can you offer her to wear beautiful lingerie and surprise you in full.
  • Romantic evening.If you are trying to establish a relationship with her, you'd better not start to dance.Ask her to arrange a dinner for two, to choose their own menu and place to meet.It should include fantasy and to make sure that you really liked.
  • Rendezvous.Do you dream to make it yours?You now have all the cards in their hands, ask her out, she can not get out, because, persuasion, more than money, and use your chance wisely.It must be a date, after which she will be your wish, so that in this case you will be surprised, but it is not.
  • If you lost your girlfriend, you can ask her to quit a bad habit that you do not like.Of course, not the fact that such a wish will be granted, but worth a try.
  • Do you want to make a joke?Tell them to sing you a serenade, or write a poem in your honor.
  • Well, if it is the love of your life, then it is shocking declaration of love and a marriage proposal.Here it is called, to play games!

What wish can make a guy

guys fit all of the above will, in addition, I think the latter.Do not offer him to marry you better make come true:

  • Kiss!Light, strong and memorable,
  • gift.Beautiful, valuable, in its sole discretion.
  • Swimming in the local fountain in the middle of the street, or something like that.
  • services that you ask him to perform when you need it.

guessing something that only your imagination will suffice, but remember - the desire should not be humiliating, otherwise the game will turn into a brawl.