How to build a walk-behind ?

How to build a walk-behind ?

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How to build a walk-behind?

Motoblock - a kind of small-sized tractor.This technique is widely used for plowing and hilling the soil on small plots of land.In this article we will discuss how to build with their hands behind tractor and, where necessary, update it.


motoblock motoblock design quite simple - it is a small self-propelled machine on one or two wheels, equipped with the engine of the scooter.The structure itself is made of welded pipes, p-frame and the axle.For the traction control is necessary to make the hinge 3, which will also serve as attachment between themselves tillers, wheel and plow.

motoblock The frame is a steel pipe: it is designed to tension the cables that go to the gearbox.Tension is performed by swinging the rocker and handle gear segment is attachable steel pipe.

Below is a step by step assembly instructions motoblock.To understand is not difficult, but if you do not want to build their own walk-behind tractor, we recomm

end you to read our article How to Choose a walk-behind tractor.

Putting behind tractor

The first step is to gather speed shaft, which is attached to the housing with bearings, sprocket and freewheel clutches.Couplings are needed for the differential.Next to the walk-behind tractor mounted frame and wheels.The frame mounted wheel, pull and plow.

In order to connect the engine mount with scooter frame, you must use two arched tubes.The fuel tank is disposed between them.Engine fastening bracket, which ends with a steel axle (150 mm axis length).The bracket is attached to the n-frame.

Motor suspension with the most convenient place, hanging it on the axis.The finished structure is held together with the arc-shaped base frame.After set the output shaft, attach the cables for control and pull chain.For plowing land on farms are best equipped walk-behind special wheels for optimum traction.

Advantages of this design

First of all, we recommend you to read our article What is the best walk-behind tractor.Well, we'll talk about why it is interested in this design, because such devices there is a considerable amount.

However, when comparing different models, this has several advantages.Consider articulation.Details of our motoblock connected by hinges that allow while working seamlessly change direction without removing the plow out of the ground.Other models have a strong connection, which complicates the maneuverability of two-wheel tractor weights and work with him.

axis at this Tillers shifted to the direction of movement, since many faced with the fact that shifted to the side and to align have to make serious efforts at soil processing device.Therefore, in this tillers axis is at a slight angle to the direction of motion.Required comfortable position, you can always adjust the three joints of traction.

plowing depth is adjusted automatically, in other models, the depth is regulated by raising or lowering the plow.In our Tillers adjustment is done by changing the angle of the furrow.The design includes a field board is used as a lift when lowering the plow into the ground.

Modernization homemade motoblock

collected on the above instructions motoblock very functional.It can be used as a plow for plowing or cultivator.To do this, you need only make replacement parts for plow on parts with removed dumps for cultivators.As such, walk-behind stacks of potato tubers, recessed grooves in the ground.To plow the tubers, you must replace the blades and the motor-block walk between planted rows.In a similar way it is possible to produce and hilling plants sprouted.

changing the width, you get a handy walk-behind tractor for harvesting, and expanding construction rake or harrow, will be able to collect the remains of the tops and potatoes.This design is versatile and universal.After all, it can be used in the winter for snow removal, and in the summer, clearing the territory from the house (by setting the roller with a round brush and an extra star).

beginners will be interesting to learn about how to plow with the help of walking tractor.This topic is dedicated to the article How to plow motor-block.