How to entertain guests at the table ?

How to entertain guests at the table ?

collecting guests, we try to cook wonderful meals, decorate the table, not thinking how to entertain guests at the table, but this is the part that implements the wishes of "bread", but the "spectacle" go out of our attention.

how to entertain guests at the table - games

One of the traditional after-dinner entertainment is divination.The pies or dumplings lay a variety of small items or spices.An item that caught the man predicts his destiny: a wedding ring - a wedding, a coin - money, bone - to harvest.Pepper is the thrill of salt - trouble, sugar - pleasant events.You can and do create a list of spices and things and come up with the interpretation of them, but let them be more good.And pre-warn guests that there is need to treat carefully.

next game you can see in various movies, it's called "Who am I?".In opaque sheets of paper (suitable for sticky paper records), each participant writes a character.This may be a celebrity, a hero of fairy tales, historical figure - almost anyone, but it is

important that everyone at the table knew who it was.Not showing each other, the participants exchanged the sheets, it is important that the recipient did not see what was written on his paper.For this purpose, you can sculpt a piece of paper on his forehead.Next, each participant in turn begins to guess who he is, asking questions that can be answered yes or no, such as "I'm a man?", "I invented?".Questions are answered all the others.The winner can choose, but not necessarily, it will be the one who in fewer questions to guess who he was.

Another game will help you entertain guests at a birthday party, new year, on March 8, and any other holiday and get to know each other.It's called "I never ...".In a typical embodiment, it is carried out with the chips (instead of them can be coins or candy).Each participant receives a number of tokens equal to the number of participants.Then one by one everyone calls honestly something that he never did (did not wear a dress, did not smoke, did not keep a pet).If other members have done this, they give him one chip.The winner is the one who will bring more chips.In the second version the game is played with alcohol instead of chips: once someone has thought what he did, those who did it, do a sip from his glass.It is better not to take strong alcohol, or people with great experiences instantly drunk.This game helps to solve the question of how to entertain guests at the table at a noisy party.Well, here wins or friendship and sincerity, or the most sober.