How to heat a bath?

How to heat a bath?

Before you go through the whole cycle of bath procedures - warm up with a broom, do each other a nice massage, apply the mask on your face, you need to know how to heat the bath to heat the steam to the desired temperature.Thus the heater for most baths is oven-stove, which melt the dry wood.With all the variety of existing furnaces, stoked them about the same.

If you know how to do this, you can avoid many unpleasant consequences - thermal shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, finally, the fire itself.Let's look at the highlights, observing that can be properly and safely melt bannuyu heater.So, how to sink bath.

  1. You must first open the ash-pit and furnace door latch in the chimney.If your furnace flue design two latches are provided, that then opens, through which flames and smoke go directly into the tube, but not in the boiler water heating channel.
  2. harvested dry wood chips, paper, kindling and a few dry logs (4-5 pieces).
  3. on the grate furnace converts two logs, the distance between them shoul
    d be about 10 cm. Between the logs falls several sheets of crumpled paper, which is sprinkled on top of the chips.Thereafter, the resulting "fuse" secured the top two or three logs, placing them diagonally.This construction should be made strong enough so as not to destroy it wrong move.
  4. After igniting the paper, you need to quickly close the furnace, as the room can go smoke.If the wood dry, and you have done everything correctly, the stove will flare up quickly.It is strictly forbidden to kindle the stove with flammable liquids (gasoline, kerosene).If the wood moisture and bad flare up, then you can apply for kindling dry tablet alcohol.
  5. After 15-20 minutes after the oven has blazed, podkinte it a few more logs.For the first hour it is necessary to enclose the furnace new logs without waiting for the time when the old burn through.
  6. 1,5-2 hours wood can pop even when left alone in an oven coals because the temperature there is already at a sufficient level.To warm up the sauna, as a rule, should be 2.5-3 hours in the summer, and in winter for at least 4 hours.

End furnace

  1. Make sure that the wood burned - coal reddish hue with a touch of ash gray, no blue flames.
  2. open doors and windows in the steam room.
  3. parboiled stove, floor, ceiling, and walls of the shop to wash away the grime.

The sink bath

is best suited for a bath birch linden and birch firewood.Try to choose the wood of young trees, since most of her high fever and the best flavor.The combustion air is rotten and old wood in the bath will be difficult and with less oxygen.High-quality timber, upon impact, makes a ringing sound and long.