How to use the stove ?

How to use the stove ?

question, at first glance, may seem naive and even funny.But how to use the stove, not everyone knows.In general, the opinion prevails that the sink can be what pleases and the way they like.Practice shows that this attitude increases inefficient fuel consumption by 15-20%.So, too covered with ash-pit door does not let enough air, which slows down the combustion process and contributes to the formation in the chimney of water vapor that deplete the clutch.Raw wood lead to the deposition of gum on the walls of smoke and soot channels that reduce cravings.So, how to use the stove?

As flood plain stove

Before you start a fire in the oven, it should be:

  • clear both from the ash of the furnace chamber;
  • open the valve;
  • first thing to lay dry and thin branches for kindling;
  • ash-pit door cover and set on fire.

It is equally important to load firewood into the stove and keep the fire burning.To do this:

  • throw dry wood in the furnace chamber;
  • close the furnace door and fully open the ash-pit;
  • re-load firewood when the previous load burnt to a state of red coals;
  • laid the wood evenly, ensuring their uniform combustion.

Support rod in the oven, you must use the ash-pit door, focusing on the color of the flame.If it is red with black stripes and black smoke, it is necessary to increase the air flow.And if the stove is audible hum, and the flame acquires a bright blinding color, this means that the air is fed too much and should be reduced.The normal golden yellow flame hue, which is accompanied by easy crackling wood fire.

How to drown Russian oven

Besides Russian heat oven gave people bread and food.Neither dish cooked on a gas stove, can not be compared with a similar taste, cooked in the oven.They say older people, the food is not cooked in the oven, and "keep up."Before the flood the Russian stove, hostess uttered a prayer.This again underlines the particular relevance to this process.Well, crossing, we proceed:

  • dry wood should be expanded well, alternately laying parallel bars lengthwise and then across the furnace;
  • inside the well or at the first place the logs thin chips or paper;
  • mandatory before ignition, open the valve to allow smoke to come out through the chimney;
  • using a match or other source of fire ignite kindling (paper) in several places;
  • give firewood flare up and put it again, if necessary;
  • via grabbed can put in the oven cast iron for cooking;
  • if the wood burned, the ash can be removed and the residues of coal.

This is the moment when the stove before put on baking bread.Cover of valves and barriers to keep heat inside the oven.Its enough for baking or for food "ripe" and remained hot.And the room was heated with heat of the furnace has for a long time.