How to sew the skin ?

How to sew the skin ?

Many people are confident that working with a genuine leather is quite difficult.However, it is not.Leather - a noble natural material.She kroitsya well, looks good in different products, and long worn remaining look great.

few simple secrets necessary to know how to sew the skin, in order not to spoil the material and give the look you want your product.So:

  • When choosing a leather shop sure you should have a whole set of prepared patterns.Since the skin on different parts can have defects in coloring, holes and bumps.And if you have a pattern with them, then you will choose you need pieces of skin without defects.
  • Before stitching the skin, it is necessary to sweep away.You can not baste product parts by means of needle and thread.Since the traces left by them.To them there was no need to first seal the skin with pins, but they need to stick perpendicular to the seam.You can not go beyond the seam!It is best to stitch over the line machine pins, and only then remove the pins.
  • In no case do not already ripped stitched material, since it will remain defects.It is better to sew clothes patterns on the audited earlier.
  • After the lines are made, you can proceed to the seam allowance.They should be spread out in different directions, and tap out a mallet so that they smoothed.Then, they are glued with a special adhesive for skin to the article.If the skin is soft and thin, then the allowances can be smoothed lightly hot iron through a damp cloth.Before stroking the skin must be ironed any unnecessary piece of cloth.So you check to see if you burn it.
  • To foot of the sewing machine, do not stretch the skin, the best product on the front foot with sunflower oil to grease.After sewing the oil can be easily removed with a soft cloth.
  • Leather can not be washed!If you want to clean it, take it to the dry cleaners.

There are important tip for sewing leather.It is best to first make it out of plain fabric.Then you make all the changes you need and avoid mistakes.And then you'll have a perfect option that you want.

So, now you know all the secrets of how to sew the skin!You can begin to translate their ideas into reality!