To pass the honey ?

To pass the honey ?

Honey - medicinal product, its value is very high because it helps to cope with many diseases, it can be used for cosmetic purposes.

However, beekeepers are not always able to find suitable ways of marketing the product, although there are many.In this article we will talk about where you can drop honey.

honey marketing methods

Suggest familiar

The easiest way to implement this valuable product - offer it to friends and acquaintances.If honey is really high quality, it will disassemble fairly quickly, but still at a good price.As a result, it will be able to earn very well.


can give advertisements in newspapers and on television about selling honey.In this case, it will be able to reach a large audience and the product quickly realized.You should also sign up for a variety of popular forums and sites for the sale of goods and post your ad there.To sell the honey faster, should reduce the price on it.

Letting State

An easy way to implement a honey - to hand over to the state.

However, for the goods will be able to get only a certain percentage, but not the entire amount.For this reason, it is best to look for other distribution channels.

Letting shops

can try to deliver the honey wholesale to stores.Thus it is able to implement multiple packages at one point.During the day you can sell the whole lot.But minus from this method also has: because dealers also need to make, it is necessary to take the product at a lower cost.You can also try to pass the honey confectionery factories and workshops, but in this case will need to have quality certificates.


annually in different cities arranged Honey Fair.To participate in them, you need to contact the organizers and to pay for a certain amount of space.If the price of honey is slightly lower than the competition, it will be possible to quickly sell their goods.

Trading on the market, track

to favorably realize their honey, a good option would be to sell it to the city markets.People will be happy to buy a quality product, especially when its price will be adequate.You should also consider the option trading on a busy highway.It takes time, which is not all there, but it will be able to make a good profit.

through intermediaries

honey can implement through an intermediary.It is easily found on various online forums and through advertisements in newspapers.However, honey is sold at the market price will not succeed, as the intermediary, too, need to earn, so you have to give up in a good price.This method is suitable for those who have in stock a lot of honey, because be able to quickly bail out good money.

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