Sweat box : what to do ?

Sweat box : what to do ?

seems that the new plastic windows - is a panacea for all: heat, cold, noise and even moisture.But in reality it is not so.Windows "cry" what to do?how to fight it?Today we try to understand the reason for misting and how it can be prevented.

Why sweat box?

main reason for misting is high humidity in the room.In fact, the drops on the windows - this condensate, which is going on the glass due to the difference in temperature in the street and indoors.In addition, another reason for this fog can be of poor quality or poor-quality window installation.Remember that the miser pays twice.

How to eliminate condensation on the window?

Now you know why the "sweat" of the window.What to do?There are several solutions to this problem:

  • new glazing.The most reliable and most radical option - it is a new installation, insulated glass unit.As it may be three instead of two windows, or the same two assembled but denser and thicker, which will not allow the temperature amplitude reflected on the inner side
    of the window.
  • airing.The easiest way - a regular airing of the premises.Due to the fact that the air will be cooled and updated, the room humidity decreases, and the temperature difference will not be as noticeable.And it is best to open the window wide open for a few minutes, than for a long time to open the window in ventilation mode.When you open the window wide open, the air masses are replaced quickly and in greater volume, but the items in the room did not have time to cool down, which means that the temperature will be easier to restore.Opening the window to ventilation, air mass will slowly be replaced, and the temperature will fall slowly, but steadily, cooling the all around.
  • desiccant.Now, there are special devices that can be purchased at hardware store or on the Internet.They absorb moisture in the room.And if you have increased humidity, you should be doubly careful: in addition to such annoying things as condensation on windows, it can provoke serious diseases.Increased air humidity promotes the growth of mold and bacteria that get into your body with each breath.
  • Candle.The latter method - is to put a candle on the windowsill.It will warm the air near the window, reduce humidity and condensation drops significantly or disappear altogether.In addition to the practical application of this method it is also the aesthetic decoration decor.

Now that you know why sweat plastic windows, what to do in this case, and how to prevent such a "weeping", you will easily cope with this problem.