What is included in the maintenance of housing ?

What is included in the maintenance of housing ?

After receiving a receipt for payment of utility services, many question.What is the interesting point is?Payment for the "maintenance of housing"?Very blurry, unclear.What is it about?Today, we'll try to deal with this issue of "maintenance of housing."So:

What is included in the maintenance of housing?

Well, let's turn to the law.And it reads as follows:.

" In accordance with Article 154 of the Housing Code, fee for maintenance and repair of the dwelling includes service fee and work on apartment building management, maintenance and current repairs of common property in an apartment house .
in accordance with the Rules of the contents of the common property in an apartment building, approved by RF Government decree of 13.08.2006 № 491, the content of the common property includes :

a) examination of the common property, carried out by the owners of the premises and referred to in paragraph 13Rules of responsible persons, ensuring the timely identification of common property condition mism

atch requirements of Russian legislation, as well as security threats to the lives and health of citizens;

b) lighting of common areas;

c) providing the established RF legislation temperature and humidity in the common areas;

g) cleaning and sanitary cleaning of the common areas, as well as the land, which is part of the common property;

d) collection and disposal of solid and liquid waste, including waste resulting from the activities of organizations and individual entrepreneurs who use non-residential (and embedded and attached) premises in an apartment building;

e) fire prevention measures in accordance with the Russian legislation on fire safety;

g) the content and maintenance of the elements of gardening and landscaping, as well as other intended for maintenance, operation and improvement of the facilities of an apartment building located on land that is part of the common property;

h) repair and overhaul, preparation for seasonal operation and maintenance of the common property, referred to in sub-paragraphs "a" - "d" of paragraph 2 of the Rules, as well as the elements of improvement and the other intended for maintenance, operation and improvement of the apartment building objectslocated on a plot of land that is part of the common property. "

a comprehensive list. that's all part of the payment for the maintenance of housing. The question of the maintenance of housing should be decided according to the law, at a general meeting of apartment owners and management companies. duringmeeting of owners and the company must define a list of services that will be included in the tariff for the content of housing. After the meeting, must be drawn up, otherwise the rate will not have any legal force. Often, management companies are bypassing the adopted laws, and assembly is not carried out. Theysimply include the rate and the price of the receipts. by the way, the fare price must also be determined by the owners of the house, not a management company.Check their rates.Do you overpay for God knows what?This is a very real situation.Decisions are made, as we have said, at the general meeting of owners.The question is decided by a majority vote.In this section there is confusion, as there is no precise definition of what the majority would be so.Someone says that 2/3 of tenants must vote, someone says that 50% + 1. So it is not clear.

We believe that you and your neighbors will not be hard to agree with each other.In any case, if the meeting about the "maintenance of housing" was not, then it should take place in a matter of urgency.