How to come up with an alias ?

How to come up with an alias ?

Alias ​​translated from Greek means "false name".Earlier aliases are mainly used by representatives of creative professions - artists, painters, writers and musicians.They did this for several reasons.Most often alias was taken in an effort to replace his long and, at times, dissonant name on the original, short, beautiful sounding and well remembered.

Among the writers and poets in the course were graceful, romantic nicknames - Alexander Green, Yanka Kupala, Igor Northerner, Lesia Ukrainka - this is not a complete list of them.Times are changing, and the fashion for aliases.During the revolution especially popular ideologically faithful, emphasizing correct proletarian origin nicknames such as Maxim Gorky and Mikhail Demian Poor Hungry.Then the fashion for aliases picked Hollywood stars and singers.

But until recently quite aliases time few people were interested in ordinary daily life.All that changed with the advent of the World Wide Web.Now any self-respecting Internet user would have to have

its own nickname.How to choose an original nickname, thinks everyone who is registered for the first time on a dating site, forum or chat.If you too are plagued by similar doubts, perhaps, our tips on how to come up with a nickname, will help you make the right choice.

What nickname come up: Tips

First of all, think about where you will use it, depends on it a lot.Judge for yourself: a nickname "The Vampire Armand" is unlikely to be appropriate for the author of books or newspaper articles, but it is perfect for online gaming in the "fantasy" genre, or communication at such forums.

Having clarified the general concept of the future nickname, boldly go to his choice.Try in every way to beat its own name, trying to get a beautiful and unusual sound.It is possible to swap the first letters or syllables of the name and surname, to read them backwards out of them anagram.

If a permutation of the letters you all so clear (Alexander Perov - Pavel Serov), the last two points, probably, it is necessary to explain in more detail.

to write anagrams take all of the letters that make up a total of first and last name, and place them in a different order, so to get something meaningful.Remember the main villain of the Harry Potter book.His name Lord Dark Lord Voldemort, he was out of it at birth - Tom Marvolo Riddle.Anthion obtained by replacing the word that underlies the names of the opposite in meaning: White - Black;Grandfather -.. Grandma, etc.

If you do not get anything interesting from his own family, and you still do not know how to come up with a nickname, it's time to recall the mythological heroes and favorite literary characters.The only drawback of this method - you will be very difficult to achieve originality.

Note on geographical names.On this basis, frequently obtained interesting nicknames.Remember Alexander Nevsky, Alexander the Great and Dmitry Donskoy, and you will certainly agree with this statement.

you still do not know what you can come up with an alias?Try to translate your name into another language.Thus, Lena Chernova turn to Helen Schwartz, Lisa and Kamenev in Elizabeth Stone.

Remember that your chances when choosing a nickname no limits, you only need to give free rein to their imagination and show a little ingenuity.Good luck in choosing a nickname!