How to spend a bachelorette party ?

How to spend a bachelorette party ?

For the bachelorette party will suit any location.But the main thing here - to understand what you expect from a holiday: to drink, to dance, to communicate with all of her friends?It is up to their goals and need to make a start in choosing a location.Let us consider in this article, how to hold a bachelorette party so that it do you remember all the years of living together.All scenarios can come up with in the evening the bride or someone from your favorite girlfriends.You can arrange a surprise party.In general, the options are many.Consider the most inteersno options on where to hold a bachelorette party.

Hen House

For this bachelorette party bride need neutral territory.You can invite all the girlfriends to his home, but that is if you live separately from their parents.If this is not possible, then for a bachelorette party, you can simply stay in any hotel.The bride can dress-code set.For example, anyone who is not in pajamas, are not admitted!In such circumstances, a girlfriend can say a

ll night, reminiscing of his youth, to share secrets and dreams, drink, dance and eat sweets.In order not to be bored, you can arrange a viewing of some of the popular comedy or browse the family video, in which the bride is going to go to the first class.Also suitable for a bachelorette party spa party.This evening you can devote their appearance.You can make each other make-up, manicure, nourish the skin with special masks and scrubs.To enhance the effect, you can arrange a fashion show, after all the cosmetic procedures.As spirits, you can choose light cocktails and liquor.

Bachelorette party at the club

If you prefer a noisy place, then, for a bachelorette party, you can book a table in the nightclub.Organization bachelorette party, will cost you much more expensive than at home, but the situation is quite different.In this case, talk to each other clearly does not work, but it can be enough natantsevatsya, sing karaoke, build eyes unfamiliar men.One word to light the glory for the last time.Girlfriend, you will undoubtedly support in all your endeavors, especially if they are not married.

Hen in

restaurant is suitable for this purpose expensive and chic restaurant.Let the champagne flowing river, ladies evening dresses shine.You can relax, and talked all evening under the tranquil quiet, live music.

Hen sauna

If you decide to spend your pre-wedding night with friends in a sauna, you will also not be bored.You can swim in the pool, play billiards, amateur male strippers can even order a private dance.If you decide to spend the evening for the benefit of your health, you can order a massage therapist or hold spa treatments.Only it must be remembered that in the sauna is not advisable to abuse alcohol.It will be much better if you drink low-alcohol cocktail.

Hen in

can order limousine luxury limousine for a bachelorette party.It can comfortably accommodate up to twelve people.But before you lean on alcohol, make sure that they are included in the cost of the car rental.You can ride on his hometown, dance, have fun.In which case, you can always continue the fun in any bar.

Bachelorette party at a water park

Bachelorette party at a water park to remind the bride of childhood.You can have fun to frolic with their friends, to ride on the water slides.And if you get hungry, then a café in the water park.

Hen on nature background

You can have a picnic with a bonfire, singing with a guitar and an open-air stalls.But she will not be very comfortable among the deserted forest.In this case, you can invite the groom bachelorette party with your friends.Nothing wrong with that.The main thing that was fun.

Hen on

outing can put the bride in some very beautiful dress, and the bride's friends, on the contrary, in no catchy clothes.Let all men's eyes would get a bride.Come up with a cheerful scenario and implement each of the items.And the last one in this list is worth a visit even if the spot where the stag.

After reading our article, you will no doubt know what to do at the bachelorette party, where his conduct, and who should be invited to it.Note the pre-wedding day so that you alone on memories became warmer heart.Let the new, a married life brings you only joy and happiness.