How to read a natal chart ?

How to read a natal chart ?

People always wonder how the rest of their future.Therefore, interest in astrology, palm reading and horoscopes never disappear.But today we will tell you about the natal chart.By learning to read it, anyone can independently interpret the sequence of events yours or someone else's life.

Read natal chart

If someone does not know the natal chart is a scheme in which a character is shown in the condition of the space at the time of birth of the individual.

Let's look at how to read a natal chart.If you look at the range of birthday cards, you will see that in addition to the sectors that correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac, there are lines dividing the circle as if on the cake slices.This is the so-called House.Each of them represents some aspect of our lives: friendship, relationships, entertainment, work, and much more.Health on the card depends on the personal experience, which is represented in all spheres.

So, first you will need to compile a complete list of items, as follows: sel

ect the heavenly bodies in the houses in the signs noted Houses, noting aspects that influence a person, and besides - to write the rulers of each of the twelve houses.Thus, you have on hand will be a complete list of elements for decoding.

At the moment of your birth each planet is located in a particular zodiac sign and in some of the twelve Houses.The way the planets are arranged relative to each other affect the nature and determine the destiny of man.On the personality influences the Sun, on the subconscious - the moon, for thought and communication meets Mercury, and for the love - Venus.Development determines Jupiter and Saturn shows the desires and aspirations of man.About unexpected sides of personality tells Uranus and Neptune reveals the most secret character traits.Human activity ruled by Mars, and of any changes can tell Pluto.

Astrological home

As for the astrological houses, they are divided into three groups: angular (1,4,6,8,10), subsequent (2,5,8,11), falling (3,6,9,12).Each of them carries a special meaning.

  1. shows external manifestations
  2. of financial position
  3. sociability
  4. marital status
  5. personal relationship
  6. health
  7. partnerships, including marriage
  8. informs crises
  9. outlook and attitude to life
  10. professionalactivities
  11. social activity
  12. hidden secrets.

aspects in the natal chart

Now let's talk about aspects.How to read a natal chart, given their presence?Aspect has a Latin root "to watch."And really - the planet that are in aspect, as though looking at each other.Here are five key aspects:

  • trine - it is the most favorable and harmonious in all aspects.With the help of the world freely exchange energy;
  • sextile - an aspect similar to the previous one.It is also positive, but it provides more practice opportunities;
  • opposition - quite stressful aspect, the planets are positioned relative to each other on the principle of "eye to eye".The interpretation of this aspect might suggest that life goes on the way of "tug of war";
  • quadrature - another stressful aspect.It indicates the presence of issues requiring attention.
  • connection - expressed almost complete union of two planets.

Now you know how to read a natal chart, but just remember that performing calculations aspects, allowed some freedom of action in connection with the fact that there may be a small error.