What to do after the surgery ?

What to do after the surgery ?

If the patient wants to recover as soon as possible after surgery and associated anesthesia, it must follow certain rules.Their observance helps to prevent some complications of early postoperative period.Tell me more, what to do after the surgery as quickly as possible to move away from the anesthesia and recover.

What to do after the operation in the early hours

If your anesthesiologist did not give any other recommendations, the drink can begin one hour after surgery.In the postoperative period should not drink carbonated or sugary drinks, asthey cause vomiting and increase flatulence.It is best to drink slightly acidic lemon juice boiled water or a warm weak tea.

If fluid intake is not accompanied by nausea and vomiting, even more so, in a few hours after surgery, you can start taking a light meal (soup, yogurt, mousse, jelly).

Pain after surgery

If, after the expiry of the full anesthesia, you will begin to experience pain in the surgical wound, you should not tolerate it.Tell your doct

or, and you make an injection of painkillers.After the operation in the early hours of narcotic analgesics (morphine, Promedolum, omnopon) can be used for pain relief.If the pain is not expressed strongly, something for pain relief is quite enough injection of drugs as analgin or ketonal.

Prevention of complications

When a person is forced to stay in bed, then it is difficult to carry out a deep breath.This leads to a stagnation in the lungs and can cause pneumonia (lung inflammation).To prevent such a serious post-operative complications if the doctor does not prescribe another mode, two hours after the operation should begin to turn in bed.In addition, it should be every two hours to carry out breathing exercises, such as inflating a balloon.

Prolonged exposure in the supine position is fraught with the danger of blood clots in the veins of the lower extremities, which can break away from the vein wall and reach the bloodstream in the pulmonary artery.This is a deadly complication that can cause sudden death person.For its prevention in the postoperative period spend bandaging of the lower extremities elastic bandages, they prescribe medicines that reduce blood clotting (aspirin, fraxiparine).As soon as the state allows, the patient is under the supervision of an instructor should begin to engage in physical therapy.

If the operation is performed on the abdomen or pelvis, in the postoperative period is often marked decrease in intestinal peristalsis (wave-like movement of the intestinal wall).This condition usually occurs about two - three days.During this period it is recommended to stick to a light diet (soups - mashed potatoes, jelly, milk products, steam cutlets, vegetable purees).

Responding to a question about what to do after the surgery to avoid complications, it is impossible not to stop and on the need for early mobilization of the patient, could prevent many complications of the postoperative period.As we have said, after most abdominal operations in two hours, you can turn in bed.Five - six o'clock permission to sit up in bed, and after 12 - 24 hours are allowed to get up and walk around the room.

Currently, doctors tend to write as soon as possible patients from hospital.After abdominal surgery is performed most often extract on the third - the fourth day, and for small surgical interventions to-day operations.