What are the games ?

What are the games ?

Many people wonder what kinds of games there.Meanwhile, there is a huge variety of all kinds of games for the PC, phone, or simply active pastime.Consider the most popular ones.

What are the online games

World of Warcraft

All ratings of popular online games, this toy is in the first place.It is a multiplayer online role game.Actions take place in a fantasy world.Her characters have to deal with a variety of seemingly hopeless situations and solve complex problems.This game came in the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular in the world.


also is a fantasy massively multiplayer online game.It plays a vital role is a team game.This gives Linege particular interest.In fact, one character can have a big impact on the world around him, so at medium and high level characters have to be grouped in order to destroy various monsters.

seventh element

relatively new game has already won the hearts of many gamers.In this toy is very nicely done graphics part.A choice of three playable cl

asses: Warrior, Hunter and Mage.Sami actions in the game take place many centuries ago, after the disaster, which occurred on a planet called Babylon.Residents were forced to flee a wild planet Neyya.The player plays the role of the game to defend his new home - the planet of Neuilly.

What are sports


active, mobile game called caterpillar is familiar to many.Each player is standing in the first team, the ball is issued.At the signal, the first player sends the ball last.To do this, you need to ride it between the legs of the team members.As soon as the ball will be in the last hands of the player, taking the ball, he has to run to the start of the column and also to send the ball last player.Thus, going forward, the players need to reach an imaginary line.The first team to get to it, and will be the winner of the relay.


Responding to a question about which there is a good game, it should be noted, and this popular action game.It should be in pairs, stand back to back with your partner, and then grappled with his elbows, run to a certain notional border.In this case one party runs "before" and the other party "backwards."Reaching the finish line, the pair have a race to run to start.The winner is the one who will do it faster than others.

What are games for your phone

Midnight Poker

The game recreates the atmosphere of Las Vegas, the world's gambling capital.You have to play poker with rock stars, aristocrats, oligarchs, and gangsters.Starting the game, once you get into the atmosphere of a luxurious casino and diamond smoke tempting excitement.Excellent popular toy, for those who want to "kill" time.There are three game modes: play for money, tournament or one on one.

Avalanche Snowboarding

very popular realistic game filled with all sorts of tricks.There have to ride a snowboard and participate in more than 25 competitions, while playing in the 4 seasons of the year, in the woods, in the stadium and in the city.In this game uses bright graphics and a fascinating story, which can give a player a sea of ​​new impressions.

Asphalt 5

you are interested in, what are the games on the network for mobile phones?Then here's one of them!This is a great racing simulator, which began to take its popularity for more than 6 years ago (the first version of the game).Here you have the opportunity to control the course of the game, both from inside the car, and watching him from the side.The graphics in "Asphalt" simply excellent, and control is possible, how to use the touch screen, and using the G-sensor.With over 20 exciting levels, a variety of cars and motorcycles, as well as many trails.The game also have the opportunity to "take a career."And, of course, to play with friends on the network.

What are the card games

Casino War

Responding to a question about which there are games, we can not pay attention to such a popular gambling game, like Casino War.Here, the player and the dealer get out in the open on the same card.Who would be the card over, and he won the hand.In the case where all of the cards of the same rank, the player has to make a decision: to halve the rate or declare war.

Poker Oasis

popular poker game, where the task is very simple.The player and the dealer get five cards.Four cards with the dealer's visible to the player.The player can take one of the following decisions: to lose, to change the card or make a bet.Depending on how many cards he will reset and will change the cost of the procedure.One card costs 1 Ante.

What are board games


Undoubtedly, this is a game for those who like excitement and movement.The essence of the game is to put your hands and feet on the mug of a certain color, but the problem is that the little circles and on each of the missing.The result is "a lot of small," in which it is necessary to keep from falling.


This team game in which you need to show conceived phrases or words.Other players in the game have to guess them.It is a kind of our game called "Crocodile".


This is a great board game for any company.Each participant receives a game start-up capital, and then throwing the dice you need to decide whether to buy an enterprise or not.In this game you need to build your economic empire.

Scrabble game, which is among the ten best games around the globe.The point of this game is to make up the words in a special field.This should be done with the help of seven letters that are available, and a kind of "crossword puzzle" on the field.Scrabble is a purely intellectual nature.

What are the games on the computer

Rise of the Elves

This is truly the best turn-based strategy.The game "Rise of the Elves" is really unique and unique.The book contains all the best elements of turn-based strategy.It is here that the army, consisting of only 6 brave and courageous warrior, able to capture large areas.For the passage of this game does not necessarily control the whole legions, use only one hero and 5 soldiers.


think, what are the interesting game?The answer is simple!Of course, this game Portal.It is unique in its kind and completely reverses the view of the outside world.Previously, to get from point A to point B, it was necessary to pass or pass the distance between these points, but now everything has changed.This game is built in such a way that gives the hero a gun, which is capable of making two holes of the website - this is the entrance and exit.Now, to get from one point to another is enough to enter one entry portal and simply get out of the other.However, it would not be so interesting if it would have been so easy!Sometimes you can get into a place where it is very difficult to open a passage, and sometimes is not possible not to each point is allowed to shoot.But in the meantime it is necessary to get out of the level, and this hero should be smart and thinking outside the box.