What competitions can be done ?

What competitions can be done ?

Good collect more fun on a holiday and just.But what if you do not know what to do, and the traditional "ballads", toast and picking at a plate of "Olivier" has long been fed up with everything?In order not to turn sour in the next festival, a large company can offer a variety of competitions, which cheer up, cheer and even help you get to know each other better!

Internet is full of a variety of competitions, which could be adopted in the preparation for the next noisy holiday.We will tell you a little about what contests can be held in a large, fun and friendly company.Do not forget the camera for a long time he will seal the efforts of your friends!

Movable competitions

Here the main thing - that was fun, interesting and unusual.What competitions can be done to get exactly this effect?

From the Life of the fair sex

choose to contest the two men, each of which - a certain set of things female: tights, skirts, gloves (rubber can be), etc.They need to speed to pull up all the female beauty.Th

e winner is the one who will do everything faster and better.


involving several people, can be of different sexes.Each of them receives or draws an equal number of other cards.Each card is written one letter.The problem of participants - to attach cards to those parts of his body, starting at the elongated letters.The winner is the one who will be able to hold more cards and make it longer than the others.There is also another version of this competition - people participate in pairs and drawn cards, which are shown in the one part of the body.The task of each pair - to touch each other these parts of the body.Next, the pair draws a new card, and the previous position, touching each other with new body parts.The winner is the couple who will be able to make more of such contacts and keep them longer.A keen


for competition need 2 cans and 20 coins.The two pairs, each pair - a man and a woman.Men are fastened to the belt banks;women, each with 10 coins, moving away from the Knights of 2 meters, and then throw a coin, trying to get into a tin can.A man can help a lady in every way, turning the waist and hips.The winner is the couple who attains the highest number of coins.


To participate need two big teams and a strong rope or string for each group.At the command of the leading participants in each group in turn threaded through his clothes rope so that all participants were connected to it and the rope did not break.At the end of the last participant should contact first.The team, which will cope, will be the winner.

Somni newspaper

contest could be interesting to have drunken company.Everyone who wants to offer on a small piece of paper and ask her to add up to 10 times.It will not be easy, if a person is drunk, but the first one to cope - the winner.

What competitions can spend more?Read on!

Main to suit sat

For this competition need a big box with a pre-prepared interesting and funny garments: a cap, huge pants, diaper, big bra, trousers in a funny coloring, etc.This box is transmitted in a big company from hand to hand while the music plays.Once leading off the music, the one who was in the hands of a box should open it and, without looking, pull out the first available item.That pulls a man, he will have to put on and wear for an hour.


Leading ear, each participant informs the name of an animal.Further, the company becomes a circle, leading - in the middle.He says out loud the names of the animals.And the one who said it, must try to jump into the middle to the master.The problem neighbors - time to notice it and stop it.Fun becomes when "chipmunks" or "foxes" in the company appears several.Another option - a person must not jump out and try to sit down.The same can be quite funny when many participants are trying to sit down at the same time.


On the floor is laid a small path of the wallpaper.This is - a trickle.The competition is a girl, the future Member States must not fail to see how the earlier they participate in this competition.At first, the girl offered legs spread apart and go through all the "trickle" so as not to soak them.Then the girl knotted scarf eyes and offer to do the same.All "Salt" is that when a woman passes a trickle, blindfolded and finally removes the scarf, he sees that "brook" is a man.Girl embarrassed, because she does not know that a man lay down after it has passed through a "trickle".Further invited new member.


Each of the two men issued the same number of colored rubber bands.The problem of men - as soon as possible "to ring" as many women over time to the music.Rubber bands can be worn on ladies legs on the wrist.The main thing - that they clung.The winner is the one who will be more "ringed".

Creative competitions

What competitions can be done to make it less mobile, as creative, but no less fun?Here are a couple of options.

Game "Crocodile┬╗

This game is popularly called in different ways, you can find a lot of names, but the essence is the same.For a large company, of which two are chosen.The first thinks of a second ear, so that no one could hear absolutely every word is a noun.Those who said the word should in every way possible to portray the named object so that the company figured out what was going on.You can use gestures and facial expressions, to speak and to show specific objects in the room can not be.User can also shake or nod his head as a sign of true or false assumptions of the company.Whoever guesses chooses a new victim, who already thinks of a new word.All repeats.


It's very simple: take any book from the well-known fairy tale.Of fairy tale characters to write out all the individual cards can be even up to the river and stumps.Those who wish to hand out to everyone on the card, and they become actors.Senior reading a story aloud, and the "actors" - "come to life" and begin to act.

Hopefully we'll tell you which tenders can be made to make it interesting and fun.With them, your holidays will always be remembered for a long time!