What to take to the water park ?

What to take to the water park ?

Many families in large cities like to visit a water park at the weekend with your children.But this kind of entertainment is loved not only children but also adults who visit it with my friends and having a great time there.If you too have decided to visit the water park with your family or with a gay friendly company, then prepare for it in advance.The first thing you need to think - what to take to the water park?Bring along everything you need.

In the water park you exactly need the following things:

  • What to take to the water park in the first place?Of course, a swimsuit or swimming trunks.Best of all, if the swimsuit will without any ornaments and other similar elements.Since it is necessary not just to swim and ride a roller coaster, these elements on a swimsuit can cause various inconveniences.
  • Special shoes for the pool.It is necessary to take the slates or slippers with rubber soles.In the water park to be barefoot strongly advised, since wet floor can slip and bounce.Just slippers pro
    tect against possible contamination of other people's sores.It is better to buy a simple slates, not to worry about them if they suddenly lost.Still, the pool - this is a public place.
  • Hygiene in such a place - first of all, we should not neglect it.What you need to take to the water park has apart leotard and slippers?Towel and not one.It is necessary to take three kinds of towels - sauna (when going to visit it), deck chairs and body.In no case do not sit on the bare bench or plastic chaise longue.
  • hygiene, such as shower gel or soap, lotion and shampoo.After a visit to the water park before you go be sure to visit the shower, which should be thoroughly clean up.
  • small first aid kit, just in case (cotton swabs, and brilliant green patch).Suddenly one of your loved ones get hurt, quick first aid will be provided.
  • is useful with a needle and thread.They may not be necessary, but nevertheless, they should take with them.Suddenly a swimsuit or trunks for something to hold on, and forms a hole.If these items are to be, then you can quickly patch the hole and continue your vacation.

What with him to the water park is not worth taking:

was discussed above, you need to take to the water park with him, to have a good time.But there are some things that you should not take with them.What kind?

  • can not take with them in such a public place any ornaments and jewelry, they can get lost or to have a roller coaster, you can get hurt.
  • also do not need to take with water or some food, as in this pool you simply can not be allowed.Typically, the water park has a coffee shop, which sells food and drinks.
  • also need to leave the house phone or other equipment that can be stolen while you relax.