What do I do next?

What do I do next?

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What to do next?

For many to stand in a queue or traffic jam - a real punishment, but the queues and traffic jams, few can escape.In this regard, consider what can be done in the queue.

Communication in the social.networks

In fact, waiting their turn or being in a traffic jam, people can do many useful things, or simply relax.The first and most popular pastime of people in traffic jams and queues is to visit social networking sites, chat with friends via Skype or programs like Mail-agent in correspondence WhatsApp and Viber.

Surfing the net

If you have a tablet, you can do the second most popular pastime: surfing the net.With the help of the tablet this activity will bring you a lot of fun, you can visit sites that interest you, but because of lack of time, you could not see them before, write interesting comments, watch some videos on the network.


third most popular pastime is reading.In traffic jams and queues, people often read books, they do not hav

e time to read at your leisure.In addition, you can read the articles, interesting notes on social networks, and more.


next most popular activity is solving puzzles.Due to the vast number of different applications and games anyone can take yourself to an interesting conundrum.We can also include a variety of games and are called time-killers and lovers of intellectual games can porazgadyvat crossword puzzle or play a game of chess.

However, even if you do not have electronic devices, you can also take a decision themselves ordinary crossword puzzles to solve Sudoku or crossword.

Scheduling of cases

If you do not want to waste time, it is possible that in a traffic jam or in the queue, you should get a notebook and plan for tomorrow or next week.Look at your future business, think about how they can be solved, make a shopping list for the evening, think about what foods to buy for dinner.You may need to make some important calls, but if not, you can just call someone from friends or relatives and socialize.

Talking to people

Also you can chat with someone in the queue.Psychologists say that now people are mostly familiar names in lines or traffic jams.After all, modern humans sometimes just is not enough time to meet new people, so do not miss your opportunity.


If you eat in a traffic jam, then you have the opportunity to devote time to yourself.Girls often do in traffic manicure, men simply suggest marafet.Look in the mirror, look around yourself, correct clothing, perhaps, in your shirt or blouse unbuttoned.


Psychologists advise people who are in the queue or in a traffic jam, take it as a vacation pastime.You can listen to music or audiobook interesting, do basic work of, for example, draw a funny picture and send it to friends.In traffic jams and queues do not miss your opportunity and selfie lovers.You can make a dozen pictures to enrich your collection.But some people have time in traffic jams and queues even do the work.In fact, to save time, you can try to do something that will help you in your work.We recommend you read the article on What to do at the airport.

main thing, remember that in a traffic jam, or queue it is not necessary to be nervous, do not need to once again cheat themselves and others.Experience has shown that people often swear in queues, but causes of traffic jams and queues are not employees or road services, and any circumstances, often do not depend on people.