What to do in a traffic jam ?

What to do in a traffic jam ?

Caught in traffic jams?Pleasant, of course, a little, but do not despair.Even this time can be spent usefully.We will tell a few good options.

What do useful in traffic: options


can not find time to read your favorite magazine, book, tighten English, brush up on the theory of relativity?In a traffic jam, you will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge.

If there is a specific purpose, you can always open the online popular science magazine and read a couple of interesting articles and smart.If the access to the web in the machine is not, it is always possible for such cases to stock multiple numbers of the same magazine and put them in the glove compartment.


In principle, one could attribute this to the previous point, but considering that in addition to Hesse or Camus, you might want to read, for example, or Dontsova Akunin, yet deliver read separately.

options on how you read, may also be several: a tablet, e-book, notebook or netbook, phone, classic print edition.It

became popular and audiobooks.Most of them are represented in the public domain, so you will only have to download the product and throw it on the player / disc / phone.

Interior cleaning

There was no time to stop by the sink / garage and bring valuable vehicle is in order?Then consider that you have already found out what to do in a traffic jam.

you will be enough time to remove debris from the visible places, to walk with a sponge detergent composition for chairs, to shine rub the dashboard.The main thing - to do everything very quickly, so as not to miss the moment when the machine will move.

Physical exercise

Support your body to warm up and do basic exercises for the neck and shoulders, eyes, quite possibly even in traffic jams.

  • Make smooth head tilts forward, backward, left and right.Circular motion should be avoided - they have a negative effect on the upper vertebra.
  • If you have carpal expander, then work on it with each hand.
  • Close your eyes and how to zazhmurte for a few seconds.Then relax your muscles and open your eyes.Repeat several times.
  • Make shoulder massage.
  • alternately lift up and lower down each arm.Pull your shoulders back, and then cave in, moving the shoulders forward.Repeat several times on each side.
  • Get out and knead a little leg.Put your hands on the waist and make a few turns in smooth sides.Lean forward, trying to reach her hands to the knees and below - to stop.
  • If you do not suffer from excessive modesty, we can be wrung out 10-15 times from the hood and do squats next to the car.

What do pleasant in traffic

  • Call a friend, who had not spoken to in years, and finally find out what's new in his life happened.
  • meditate.Loaded with business objectives working day conflict colleagues / households, problems in his personal life, with health problems, traffic jams - all this inexhaustible source of negativity, stress, bad mood.Caught in traffic congestion, try (ironically) to carve out a few minutes to relax and tune in a positive.Turn pleasant light music, close your eyes, abstracted from external noise.Deeply and slowly inhaling and exhaling, think of something good.You can also give yourself a mental adjustment for success / happiness / health, etc. Just try speaking to himself. "I am a successful / smart / beautiful / happy / loved and loving.I am well and easily, reliably.I am happy to be myself.I love the world and the people. "
  • If you are traveling with friends / colleagues / relatives, you can play in anything.For fun, you can try to voice communicating people in neighboring cars, which you can see fine, but do not hear.
  • If you are traveling with your child, ask them to come up with a poem about a traffic jam or out the tale of the red Ferrari and uncle oligarch in it.Or offer a daze remember the color 5/10/15 standing in front of or behind cars or number of neighboring vehicles and list them from memory.Get great charge for the mind.
  • Watch the movie with your favorite gadget (even if you will always have something interesting in store).
  • snack.
  • listen to pre-recorded disc with anecdotes and humorous performances.

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