What you can do out of the snow ?

What you can do out of the snow ?

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What you can do out of the snow?

Winter every Russian person associated with the New Year holidays, tree, frost, and fun in the great outdoors, the majority of which are somehow connected with the snow.Kids, and many adults love to ride with snow slides, play in the snow and, of course, making snowmen.

learn how to dazzle the snowman, fat man with a bucket on his head and a nose-carrot, probably knows every child, but in addition to such classic snowman made of snow can do a lot of other very interesting things.

the blind out of the snow: interesting ideas

snow can make snow slides;figures of people, animals and fantasy characters;castles, houses, castles and mazes.

Snow slides

All snow slides are built on a common principle.To create the slides you need first of all to collect a big pile of snow.Its height depends on for whom is intended this slide - for the youngest children need to do a low hill (1.5-2 m), for teenagers it can be made higher.The width of slide

s depends on your desire, but do not make it longer than one meter.When the pile of snow will be collected in the right place, begin to form ramps slides.

The profile slide should look like a scalene trapezium - on a short slope in steps cut down further, necessary for lifting up the hill, a long ramp is designed to be ridden, and on top make a flat platform on which you can stand.The side edge of the site and descent should definitely protect the snow borders.Further execution of slides depends on your imagination, for example, at the corners of the upper platform can be decorated with turrets and build on the descent of snow arch.For more information about building snow hills covered in our article How to make a hill.

Snow Sculpture

first thing that comes to mind when it comes to snow sculptures, it is, of course, snowman.snowman manufacturing technology is quite simple - from sticky wet snow have to roll three coma, one larger than the other.Then the greatest need someone to put on a fancy to place him hoist someone smaller and pile up on top of the third, the smallest lump of snow.Here, actually, and all - the basis of a snowman is ready, then the fun begins.To snowman "alive" and has got its own character, it is necessary to create his face - to draw a friendly smile or vice versa, a wry smile, make the nose of the bumps or carrots and eye from buttons or embers.Then you need a little snowman dress up and decorate, for these purposes, you can use the old gloves, scarf and hat, large buttons, spruce branches, clusters of mountain ash, pine cones and acorns.

Similarly, you can do out of the snow and other simple sculpture, for example, hedgehog, turtle or ladybird, the basis for which will be a big snowball, or caterpillar, centipede, composed of a dozen small balls, cobbled together out of the snow.

Sophisticated high sculpture -.. Snow White, Santa Claus, garden gnome, etc. characters are doing differently.In order that they were stable and did not fall apart, they mold to the frame, first knock of wooden bars basis - the skeleton - and it spikes into the ground.Then the frame on all sides stuck to the snow, trying to give him the contours of the sculpture.After the general outlines of the figures will be established, with a large knife, spatula or trowel cut off the excess snow and working on fine details - facial features, hair and clothes of the character.Other tips for creating snow sculptures can be found in our article How to make snow figures.

Structures of snow

Castles and fortresses of the snow can be very different.You can build a very small doll Snow Castle waist-high and decorate its many intricate turrets and arches, and if you have enough strength and patience, you can build a snow fort, which will be able to fully play the children - it all depends on your imagination and by hard work.