How not to swear ?

How not to swear ?

modern Russian language is teeming with obscene words.They are used in speech and adults and children.It has even come to this, that swear words can be heard not only in the context of disapproving, but as admiration than ever.Many people are starting to wonder how to stop cursing and to remove from his vocabulary turnover of these obscene words.

Obscene words are so ingrained in the modern language, it becomes difficult to even imagine how not to swear, to express their emotional state or mood.Remove these words from the market is very difficult, but if you're determined to do it, then you certainly will succeed.

Many scientists have long concluded that the abusive words negatively affect both the mental and physical health.For example, such a vocabulary leads to a mutation of the DNA molecules, causes early infertility in men, increases the level of male hormones in a woman's body.Taking into account these facts, you should make a decision and may categorically reject and get rid of obscene exp


methods unlearn swear

Financial impact

very simple way - to get a special piggy bank, in which you will make a certain amount each time uttered obscene words.Gradually the habit will be generated, and over time you do wean speak unworthily.The main thing - not to make concessions themselves, at every swearword piggy bank must be replenished.


Read more beautiful literature.Do this aloud with expression.Repeated beautiful speech is deeply rooted in the subconscious and just brought from thence all the bad words.

Monitor surrounding

Do not allow others to swear in your presence.Do not hesitate and make comments to them, especially men.Over time around get used to your position in life and begin to lower yourself to utter expletives.


Usually tense nervous state pushes people to express obscenities.Try to calm down for most listening good quality music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and so on. D.).It is proved that these pieces of music have a positive effect on the mind and soothe the nerves.


One of the simplest and most effective ways to not matter - to follow his speech.With unaccustomed inveterate matershinniku it will be very hard, but thinking every sentence uttered will certainly bring positive results soon.

Remember that your speech - it is your face, the level of your culture.And to raise this above the level of your power.Now you know how to unlearn mother.From this point everything is in your hands.The main thing - to start, and you certainly will succeed.