How to Russian ?

How to Russian ?

All people are different and people from every country has its own peculiarities.We are easy to distinguish from the crowd of foreigners.In turn, they are doing the same thing.But the question is how to determine the Russian abroad?How do they differ from foreigners?

There are basic signs, which can determine the Russian person in another country.Among the main features are the following:

  • Language;
  • use abusive words;
  • Clothing;
  • Beauty;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Hairstyle;
  • Photos;
  • Cautious behavior;
  • Mimicry;
  • wide shower;
  • Festivals and events.


Russian people often use their native language while staying abroad.Many tourists do not even think about studying at least a pair of commonly used foreign words.Some people mistakenly think that the staff of hotels and restaurants must know the Russian language at a conversational level.

dirty word

In moments of extreme anger and resentment come from the Russian Russian automatically use abusive words and expressions, even knowing a foreign langu

age is pretty good.Everything happens at a subconscious level.


  • Our compatriots can be found on the clothing, as in overseas travel and take the most good new things to look like in the photos can be beautiful and attractive.
  • If a closer look at the clothes of the Russian people, can also be seen elements of Russian symbolism: T-shirts with typical inscriptions or names of Russian football clubs, hats with earflaps, painted scarves, the use of the tricolor in clothing items.
  • can also find ridiculous dressed Russians, without the right combination of colors and styles.
  • Another sign is to purchase clothes of famous brands in high-end stores.


According to foreigners, Russian girls and women - the most beautiful female.They always stand out from the crowd.


Despite the beauty of Russian women, they pretty much use of cosmetics with or without him.Even at the beach, they manage to put on your skin a lot of decorative cosmetics, in particular a lot of foundation and mascara.


Tourists from Russia (especially female) try not to appear in public without beautiful hairstyle.Even going to lie on the beach or enjoy a game of tennis, a Russian woman is obliged to lay hair.Applying make-up and hair styling - the first thing that makes a woman after sleep.


If we compare the Russian people with foreigners, the first less smiling, than the latter.Our compatriots smile only when the situation is really funny.In all other cases it is very difficult to make smile.

wide shower

  • While on vacation, the Russian people are spending a lot of money and do not skimp on the tip.They do not even ask traded in the shops.Only after living some time in another country, Russian can begin to bargain, but still adhere to a particular pricing policy.
  • Russian spend much time in the souvenir shops and shops with gifts, buying up everything that falls under the arm.It should, in fact, to bring gifts to all the friends and relatives.

Festivals and events

  • Our compatriots love to attend a variety of activities and places of entertainment.
  • Russian celebrate any holidays in a big way: loudly discussing all sorts of topics, a lot of laughing, singing Russian songs, drink a lot of alcohol and behave quite casually, and sometimes even rude.In such event it decided to invite a large number of guests.


main thing - to bring home a lot of photos, as proof of a well-spent vacation, so the Russians do not miss any opportunity to make a beautiful picture.They are photographed next to each beautiful building or plant.And on the beach can make a whole photo shoot, 20-30 minutes long (depending on the number of photograph).Subsequently, these photographs are put on public display in the social networks.

Cautious behavior

Tourists from Russia, with distrust people around, especially to those who are asking to be photographed or to participate in any rally.

For all the above features, you can learn the Russian people while staying abroad.You can not even talk to the person, but know at once that in front of you comes from Russia.