How to get the title ?

How to get the title ?

At the present time, as it may seem, you can often meet people who dream to get a title of nobility.What for?And all for what would be a number of privileges (for example, to sit at the same table with the Kings), or simply grow in the eyes of others (when they will be accessed through the "Your Grace").

So how to get the title, and whether it is possible in the 21st century?Of course available.Here are some ways to get the title.

first method

most natural way - is to get the title of a legacy.For starters we recommend to carefully study your family tree, because your ancestors may indeed be aristocrats.In the Russian Federation such issues are dealt with genealogy federation in France, for example - International Genealogical Academy, and in Italy such issues permits international commission studying the knightly orders.

second way

Get the title for certain services.In ancient times, the kings liked to reward noble titles for different military services.Now this is possible as well.For exam

ple, in 1965, all known Beatles received the Order of the British Empire for his invaluable contribution to the culture.I must say that this assignment did not go smoothly, local aristocrats, owners of blue-blooded, extremely indignant so rewarding.But soon all become accustomed, and similar awards have been assigned to Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The third way

trivial - to buy for the money title.Here already all depends on your ability, if lying around in the pocket just a couple of hundred bucks, you can buy the parchment with your name and any title, but all will be clear that such a fake title.If you want a stronger reading and writing, you will have to shell out a couple of thousand dollars, and then your document will also, though not real, but he looks to be corresponding to XIX century.

fourth method

received a knighthood through connections.For example, in Ukraine Orest Fedorovich Karelin Romanishin-Rusin crowned himself (King Orestes I) and, despite this, he is also handing out titles himself: Kuchma - the title of prince, and Alexander Kuzmuk - graph.So that the plant due to the Slavic land, and you will always have a chance to join the nobility.

fifth method

Get the title thanks to the incredible success and fortune.You just need to get to the right place and at a particular time.For example, one doctor once helped a great emperor of the Habsburg dynasty in the 18th century and received a title of nobility.Now you can try your luck this on African soil, they say that they live a very sympathetic kings in Lesotho.

sixth method

marriage to a nobleman.Now monarchical Europe quite often local nobles, counts and princes, even marry a commoner.So go ahead, try it.

Which method is right for you, and whether you need all this?Up to you.