What are the taxes to which the budget?

What are the taxes to which the budget?

all citizens of the Russian Federation, of full age, are required to pay taxes, so it will be interesting to know what taxes, in what budget you have to pay.Types of taxes and special tax regimes established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.Taxes are federal, regional and local, they are divided into direct and indirect.

Federal taxes

consider the federal budget, which taxes are paid.Federal taxes are:

  1. VAT (value added tax) - a part of the added value to be raised by the state at all stages of production and marketing of products, works and services as implementation.
  2. Excise tax - a tax levied on consumer goods (tobacco, alcohol, etc..) Purchased domestically.
  3. personal income tax (tax on personal income) - a tax levied by the state with the income of citizens.
  4. Income tax - paid by all legal entities registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  5. tax on mining - is collected by the state from legal entities or individual entrepreneurs that are subsoil users.
  6. Water tax - paying organizations and individual entrepreneurs that use in the implementation of its activities water resources.
  7. fee for the use of wildlife - are charged with organizations and entrepreneurs, using in their work different types of animals.
  8. fee for use of water resources - is charged by the state with commercial entities engaged in commercial fishing.
  9. state duty - fee that citizens pay for the implementation of the authorized bodies of certain functions and actions provided for in the legislation of the size.

Regional taxes

In this paragraph we will look at what the budgets taxes are paid in addition to the federal.Regional taxes are:

  1. transport tax;
  2. tax on gambling;
  3. property tax organizations.

regional authorities, with the consent of the federal government, can make or introduce changes to them.Local authorities of cities and districts may impose local taxes, not inconsistent with the federal tax legislation, and after consultation with their federal authorities.

Local taxes

To this type of taxes include:

  • Land tax;
  • tax on personal property.

It often happens that the federal government pass some of the duties of federal taxes to local and regional authorities, after agreeing a percentage.Then one part of the tax paying entity in the federal budget, and the other - in the regional or local.